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PepForm BCAA Peptides - 90 capsules

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PepForm BCAA Peptides from Amix Nutrition is a supplement that is responsible for providing branched amino acids (BCAAs). This is a mixture of BCAA 2:1:1 with peptides that were isolated from whey protein. It stimulates recovery after workout, improves performance and protects muscle mass.

    PepForm BCAA Peptides from Amix Nutrition is the best way to meet your BCAA requirements.

    PepForm BCAA Peptides from Amix Nutrition offers an extra supply of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). It originates from the combination of a BCAA formula in ratio of 2:1:1 with peptides that were isolated from whey protein. This product has a high solubility and is of fast absorption, all that is possible by the technology used in the moment of isolating the peptides. This is a high quality product.

    PepForm BCAA Peptides from Amix Nutrition is a product made from essential amino acids. These amino acids can not be synthesized by the body, ie, they have to be incorporated through supplements or diets. Providing BCAAs to our body is very important because they are essential. The body needs them daily and many times it is not enough the amount obtained through diet, it needs to be supplemented. This product is the appropriate supplement, for its special and incredible power. Consuming this product before and after training will help protect muscle mass, stimulate recovery and improve performance.

    PepForm BCAA Peptides from Amix Nutrition is an ideal supplement, since the body needs them to use them as a source of energy. When the physical activity is very intense the body uses the carbohydrates and amino acids to produce energy, when they are depleted, it will take the amino acids in the muscles, which will lead to the loss of muscle mass. To avoid that, we should always supplement with BCAA. This product is ideal for athletes of any discipline, for fitness people, anyone who wants to protect their muscle mass either by weight loss or age, for bodybuilders, sprinters, cyclists, anyone who wants to bring BCAA to his body, gymnasts, people who practice martial arts, athletes, among others.

    Facts of PepForm BCAA Peptides from Amix Nutrition

    • Helps protect muscle mass.
    • Stimulates protein synthesis.
    • Rapid assimilation.
    • Improves physical performance.
    • Stimulates muscle recovery.
    • Highly bioavailable.
    • Consume before and after training.

    PepForm BCAA Peptides from Amix Nutrition is an incredible product that will serve you a lot. This wonderful supplement will help you by providing the much needed BCAAs. It is very important to take care of our body and keep it in good condition. If you are an athlete, sportsman, cyclist, fitness lover, if you want to protect muscle mass due to your age or weight loss ... This is the ideal supplement!

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take one capsule with 200 ml of water 30 minutes before physical activity and take another capsule when finished.

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