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Opti-Pack Osteo-Flex - 30 packets

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Opti-Pack Osteo-Flex from Amix Nutrition is the ideal supplement to protect and nourish your joints and bones during the practice of physical activity. It will help protect our connective and cartilaginous tissues from our joints and is made up of safe and totally natural ingredients.

    Opti-Pack Osteo-Flex from Amix Nutrition will help protect your joints and connective tissues. It is perfect for you.

    Opti-Pack Osteo-Flex from Amix Nutrition is an all-in-one formula, referring to the correct maintenance of bone and cartilage health. It is an essential product as a supplement for intense training sessions. A combination of the best nutrients available today, in order to support the needs of athletes who perform very intense physical activities. Opti-Pack Osteo-Flex from Amix Nutrition will be the ideal supplement to protect the connective and cartilaginous tissues of your joints, and it is composed of totally natural substances. It is ideal for people who perform daily a strong and long training; since with the hard training and with the passage of time the joints and bones suffer significant wear.

    Opti-Pack Osteo-Flex from Amix Nutrition is formulated in 30 individual packs, offering a great amount of nutrients that will affect positively the health of bones, cartilaginous tissue, and joints, helping to mitigate the ailments associated with weight trainings, or the practice of activities cause wear and tear. It is ideal for people looking to keep their joints, cartilaginous and tendinous system in good condition. It is also designed for sportsmen and/or athletes who suffer severe wear of the bone system as a result of physical activity and multiple joint impact, or by lifting heavy weights according to the sport discipline.

    Opti-Pack Osteo-Flex from Amix Nutrition is the most complete formula currently available in the market to nourish the joints. One of the more prominent components is Glucosamine Sulfate which is a natural substance found in the body, involved in the formation and repair of cartilage, tendons and ligaments. It also contains chondroitin which is a derivative of glucosamine which enhances the strength and flexibility of all connective tissues in the body. Amix Nutrition is a company that has become one of the leading reference brands within sports nutrition and its wide range of supplements is chosen by athletes from all over the world.

    Facts of Opti-Pack Osteo-Flex from Amix Nutrition

    • Helps reduce inflammation.
    • Allows you to strengthen the immune system.
    • Helps to mitigate joint pain.
    • Ideal for reconstruction of bone tissue, after fractures or injuries.
    • Antioxidant effect.
    • Increases the formation of synovial fluid.
    • Improves the formation of cartilage.
    • Participates in detoxifying the joints.

    Opti-Pack Osteo-Flex from Amix Nutrition can be combined with a wide variety of products, depending on the purpose and needs of each person. Try it and you will be impressed with the incredible results.

    Recommended Use: take the contents of 1 packet in the midday meal with 250 ml of water.

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