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Muscle Full-oxygen - 60 capsules

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Muscle Full-Oxygen from Amix Nutrition is a supplement that stimulates the maximum transport of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue. Thanks to the use of iron, it contributes to optimize the physical performance. It is composed of vitamin C, which improves the immune system and delays fatigue.

    Muscle Full-Oxygen from Amix Nutrition, oxygenate your muscles with the benefits of the formula of Bioferrin® Boost.

    Muscle Full-Oxygen from Amix Nutrition is composed of the proprietary formula of Bioferrin® Boost, which activates the mineral iron in our body, to boost the physical performance, and, as well as contribute to a normal transport of oxygen in our body. The formula Bioferrin® Boost (Bovine Lactoferrin) is a biologically active milk protein isolated from fresh whey using fractionation separation technologies. This unique separation and processing technology preserves the bioavailability of the product to the maximum by eliminating the exposure of the denaturing effects of high temperature during processing. Bioferrin® Boost is patented by Glanbia Nutritionals LTD.

    Muscle Full-Oxygen from Amix Nutrition contains iron (ferrous gluconate) and vitamin C, which is ideal for a good oxygenation of muscles to be able to perform for longer in intense training, as it delays fatigue and physical exhaustion. Vitamin C, in addition to being a good antioxidant, is a great support to help the absorption of minerals such as iron, in addition to helping maintain the normal operation of the immune system during an exhaustive physical exercise and helps the protection of the cells against oxidative stress.

    Muscle Full-Oxygen from Amix Nutrition each serving of this supplement, contains 100% of the RDA of iron (14 mg). It provides a vital transport pathway for oxygen to work throughout the body, meaning our body will be charged with more energy. With that said, this product is recommended before a workout, to be prepared for what is coming.

    Facts of Muscle Full-Oxygen from Amix Nutrition

    • High quality product
    • Exclusive patented Bioferrin® Boost formula
    • Contains iron and vitamin C
    • Stimulates the transport of oxygen to the muscle tissue
    • Decreases tiredness
    • Combats fatigue
    • Boosts physical performance
    • Strengthens the immune system

    Muscle Full-Oxygen from Amix Nutrition is a product designed to prepare your workouts in the best way and thus lengthen your period in physical activity. The exclusive formula shows an advance of the technology in this field, so that people motivated by sports or who want to lead a athletic lifestyle can count on a perfect supplement to oxygenate muscles and to bring more energy to the body. It is very good support to endure the performance without any problem, because it delays tiredness and avoids to feel fatigue so soon.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule daily with 200 ml of water between meals, preferably one (1) hour before eating or three (3) hours after eating.

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