Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition is a dietary supplement containing 100% pure HICA (Alpha-Hydroxy-Isocapric Acid), which has properties of reduction of muscle pain produced by intense and continuous workouts. It is an excellent supplement that will help us increase muscle mass and shorten the recovery time avoiding the wear and self-destruction of muscles.

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Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition, ideal for maintaining a healthy musculature, helping to shorten recovery time avoiding muscle wear and self-destruction.

Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition is a HICA-based supplement (Alpha-Hydroxy-Isocaphoric Acid). The HICA derives from the decomposition of the amino acid leucine, one of the three branched amino acids. One of the main functions of HICA is to inhibit the loss of muscle mass. Several studies claim that HICA can increase muscle mass in athletes with an intense pace of workouts, Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition increases protein synthesis helping to increase lean muscle mass. HICA also has the property of increasing IGF-1, a growth factor that helps increase muscle mass.

Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition contains the exclusive technologies Methocel and CRT-ss. CRT-ss (Controlled Release Support System) is a long-lasting support system that increases the assimilation of the components of the product, its metabolization in our organism and facilitates the proper digestion of them. This ensures continuous delivery of the active ingredients progressively to the muscle tissues for hours for total metabolization and optimum product performance. Methocel contains a patented cellulose micro-polymer component that ensures that all components are absorbed timely for optimum performance and visible results.

Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition has effects on IGF-1, insulin growth factor, which participates in the creation of muscle fibers. It gives athletes an extra dose of energy to improve physical performance, as well as strength training with heavier weights as training progresses. Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition is a product created by Amix, a brand focused for all types of people and athletes looking for a qualitative improvement in the performance of their sports routines and/or health care. It is a brand that is governed by a quality standard, its products are formulated by the best and recognized patents worldwide, so you have guaranteed the maximum reliability in your nutrition. We are convinced that our range Amix Nutrition will meet the needs of each and every one who is looking for leading a healthy lifestyle, achieve all the goals that are set out and perform to the maximum in sports.

Facts of Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition

  • Helps prevent muscle wear
  • Helps increase IGF-1 growth factor
  • Helps improve protein synthesis
  • Helps reduce muscle pain
  • High quality product

Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition is the dietary supplement that will help you to intensify and have a healthy musculature. If you want to contribute energy to your body and have a healthy musculature, then Pure Leu-HICA from Amix Nutrition is what you are looking for. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take from 1 to 3 times a day or take 2 tablets before training and another just after finishing.

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