HydRush from Amix Nutrition is a protein supplement that offers us an extra supply of proteins in the form of liquid protein with a high biological value. It contains whey protein and hydrolyzed milk totally free of fat and carbohydrates. With HydRush from Amix, you can help protect muscle mass with the nutrients it provides.

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HydRush from Amix Nutrition, ideal for protecting muscle mass during intense workouts and shortening recovery time.

HydRush from Amix Nutrition is a fully liquid protein of very good and high biological value. It has 45 grams of protein isolated from buttermilk and hydrolyzed. With a high content of branched amino acids, essential for our body and our muscle, to produce muscular anabolism. Totally free of fat and carbohydrates. This supplement combined with a good workout produces a great muscle gain.

HydRush from Amix Nutrition contains enzymatic whey protein hydrolyzate, developed for professional athletes with the highest biological value and a complete spectrum of amino acids, in this protein has been used the hydrolysis system with amino acids, peptides, dipeptides and tripeptides that greatly shorten the time of absorption of whey protein helping to protect muscle mass from catabolism during intense workouts shortening recovery time and producing an increase in lean muscle mass. HydRush from Amix Nutrition with its unique composition and delicious taste plus a convenient way to carry and drink make HydRush from Amix Nutrition an excellent choice for athletes who want to increase their muscle mass in a safe and natural way or simply recover their muscle mass after an intense workout.

HydRush from Amix Nutrition with its liquid composition, makes our body absorb the nutrients it provides at higher speed. Apart it is unique in taste and delicious. Also being liquid is very comfortable to carry and drink. It is an excellent and good choice for athletes who want to increase their muscle mass in a safe and natural way or simply recover after intense muscular and cardiovascular training.

Facts of HydRush from Amix Nutrition

  • Contains only proteins of the highest quality
  • Contains pre-digested proteins of rapid absorption
  • Provides 45 g of protein per vial
  • High in branched amino acids and glutamine
  • Contains 0% fat, 0% sugar
  • Increases muscle recovery
  • Excellent taste
  • Produces an increase of muscle mass without an extra input of fats or sugars

HydRush from Amix Nutrition is the ideal vitamin complex of high quality, manufactured with a technology of last generation with a high content in amino acids both branched and essential and totally free of fat and carbohydrates which combined with a correct training produces a remarkable increase of the muscular mass without extra input of fats and sugars, thus you will see a greater performance in sports activities. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take 1-2 per day depending on protein needs. Drink a bottle immediately after your workout to aid muscle growth and recovery.

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