BCAA Micro Instant Juice from Amix Nutrition is a nutritional supplement rich in branched amino acids, with a ratio of 2:1:1 that is one of the most complete, composed of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine forming a perfect set that will help athletes and/or sportsmen of any discipline to stimulate the synthesis of proteins.

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BCAA Micro Instant Juice from Amix Nutrition, ideal for helping muscle maintenance and recovery in a healthy and reliable way.

BCAA Micro Instant Juice from Amix Nutrition is a formula composed of essential amino acids that help the maintenance and recovery of muscles before, during and after the routines of exercises performed; contains vitamin B6 that helps among other things to relieve fatigue and tiredness. This supplement helps to boost endurance and prevents catabolism, so it is undoubtedly a must for athletes. In addition, it has flavors such as berry, orange, watermelon, lemon-lime and pineapple, positioning it as a delicious and refreshing drink that offers its consumers variety and above all quality, also has the property of being easy to dissolve, so its preparation is simple and comfortable.

BCAA Micro Instant Juice from Amix Nutrition as a nutritional supplement helps athletes, sportsmen and people who practice some physical activity in the recovery of muscles, it is noteworthy that these break (muscle fibers) when doing exercises, either lower or higher intensity, for which is necessary to recover them. To that effect, this formula helps protect the muscle mass of those who are on strict diets and also the elderly, as over the years they lose muscle mass, bringing with it the loss of energy and strength, and with it the dependence on others (people) in carrying out daily activities or not, triggering other problems.

BCAA Micro Instant Juice from Amix Nutrition is specially designed to favor the muscles of the athletes who do exercises, especially in long days; is free of aspartame, which means that it does not contain non-caloric sweeteners harmful to health, guaranteeing even more that it is a healthy and high-quality product. On the other hand, the body can not produce these amino acids on its own, so it needs help from external agents, this supplement offers the same without harming health and safely.

Facts of BCAA Micro Instant Juice from Amix Nutrition

  • Contains BCAAs
  • Contains vitamin B6
  • Stimulates muscle recovery
  • Free of aspartame
  • Helps decrease fatigue
  • Dissolves easily
  • Delicious taste

BCAA Micro Instant Juice from Amix Nutrition is the perfect formula for any athlete who requires a supplement with all the essential amino acids that help the recovery of muscles after exercise, supporting healthy building or rebuilding. Ratifying that it is a refreshing drink that can not be missed in a daily routine.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, add 10 g of this product in 250 ml of water and mix, consume immediately after performing the routines. Modify the amount of water in the preparation to obtain a different flavor, prepare just when it is going to be ingested.

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