Amix Nutrition

Amix Nutrition is a brand of protein and sports supplements founded in 2003 in Manchester (England) with the mission of offering its customers premium sports supplements, thanks to which it has become in a short time a brand of global impact trusted by professionals and amateurs from all over the world.


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Amix Nutrition uses top quality ingredients in the development of its supplements, among which we find proteins in all their presentations: whey protein, whey concentrate, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzate, casein, egg proteins and meat proteins. Within the Amix Nutrition catalog, proteins such as the Isoprime CFM in 1kg and 2kg format or the 100% Predator Protein pure whey concentrate stand out.

Characterized by the use of the best raw materials, all Amix Nutrition brand products display, on each product, the logo with the patents included in each formula. Such as Vitargo, Splenda, Kre-Alkalyn, DigeZyme, Clarinol, Aminogen, Testofen, AStraGin and CFM among others.

Always at the forefront of R & D, Amix Nutrition is constantly evolving in research to offer its customers the latest formulas on the market with the latest advances in supplementation, and improved sports performance.

And if you are looking for Amix Nutrition proteins we advise you to visit this link, where you will be able find all the proteins.