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Re-Core Concentrate - 540g

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Re-Core Concentrate from Amix Muscle Core is a sports supplement of great quality, which is made of 5 impressive formulas aimed at greatly improving the post-workout period, helping the muscle to recover lost nutrients, combat muscle catabolism and stimulate a refreshing rest and muscle gain.

    Re-Core Concentrate from Amix Muscle Core, ideal for reducing recovery times during exercise.

    After a strong workout the muscle fibers are broken due to stress exerted by the very nature of the training, these tissues need a period of time to regenerate and grow, to repeat the same process. All that happens is completely natural and the amount of time needed for post-workout recovery depends on the body of each person, which is why Amix with its Muscle Core line has designed Re-Core Concentrate, a supplement that will help regenerate more efficiently your muscle tissues, faster and complete.

    Re-Core Concentrate from Amix Muscle Core is based on 5 formulas specially designed for the post-workout period, with which you get a premium quality supplement with a pleasant taste. These formulas are:

    Amino Infusion: this formula is mainly composed of glutamine and BCAA that will favor a much greater post-workout recovery and will stimulate muscle gain, so that muscle catabolism avoided.

    Pepto Blend Infusion: this formula contains Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, Tyrosine and Glycine, components that will favor a better vasodilatation, improving a good circulation and with this, the input of nutrients to the muscle, in a way that will enhance the recovery of the same. In addition, the accumulation of ammonia or lactic acid in them will be avoided.

    Anti-Stress & Mental Infusion: a formula designed to generate an active and awake state in the body, favoring and avoiding the harmful action of free radicals.

    Vitamin & Mineral Infusion: a blend containing all the micro-nutrients, such as Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), which are degraded or lost during training.

    Facts of Re-Core Concentrate from Amix Muscle Core

    • Made from the best quality ingredients.
    • Replenishes important vitamins and minerals losses during exercise.
    • Contains amino acids BCAA.
    • Stimulates maximum muscle recovery.
    • Reduces recovery time.
    • Prevents accumulation of lactic acid and ammonia.
    • Contains lactose and this product is sweetened with Sucralose.
    • Powdered presentation, great flavor and quick dissolution.
    • Attractive and practical pack.

    Re-Core Concentrate from Amix Muscle Core is a sports supplement designed for all those who wish to improve their post-workout period, to improve their physical performance in a reliable and efficient way that only Amix Nutrition can provide, in addition to its great benefits it tastes great and is fast dissolving without lumps.

    Recommended Use: mix 1 tablespoon (24.5 g) with 200-300 ml of water and drink immediately after physical exercise. To change the flavor and sweetness of the drink change the amount of water used for the preparation. Keep in a cool and dry place.

    Questions and answers

    el re core se podria tomar como pre entrenamiento?? es que el myocell me sienta mal ya que debe ser por la cafeina me altera demasiado y me crea ansiedad y somnolencia. espero que me ayudeis, gracias.

    2014-03-21 00:07:20 JUAN PABLO

    Hola, este es un producto que el fabricante nos aconseja para después de entrenar, por lo que no tiene sentido tomarlo en otro momentos para cual a sido diseñado. Saludos.

    2014-03-21 00:07:20 Edgar Morilla - MM Team
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