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CMF Nitro Protein Isolate - 2kg

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CMF Nitro Protein Isolate from MuscleCore Amix is the highest level protein on the market, which gives your muscles adequate oxygenation, perfect when exercising, strengthening them, boosting training capacity and increasing them effectively with highly proven results, gives a quick nutrient input which guarantees a fast recovery.

  • Size per dose
    Size per dose
    35.0 From one to two services One service
  • What do you take it for?
    What do you take it for?
    Recovery and muscle definition
  • How is it taken?
    How is it taken?
    On an empty stomach before and after training With water, juice or milk
  • How many times?
    How many times?
    Twice or three times a day
  • When should it be taken?
    When should it be taken?
    On an empty stomach before and after training
  • Usos

CMF Nitro Protein Isolate from MuscleCore Amix, give you better oxygenation to your muscles and a healthy and quick recovery after training with the best protein on the market.

CMF Nitro Protein Isolate from MuscleCore Amix is a very powerful protein in the top list of the best proteins on the market, which stimulates the increase of vasodilation, which causes your muscles to have a greater influx of oxygen and nutrients, making them more able to recover after a long routine of exercises, releasing them from training waste such as ammonia and lactic acid.

CMF Nitro Protein Isolate from MuscleCore Amix has an compound patented by ActiNOS that makes it ideal for people like you as an sportsman who leads a lifestyle full of physical activities such as training and the exercises in a gym and needs to have very oxygenated muscles capable to absorb nutrients easily and to take a quick and safe recovery.

CMF Nitro Protein Isolate from MuscleCore Amix as an nutritional supplement is very effective and suitable for everyone, especially for people athletes, sportsmen doing intense exercise routines, contains Aminoge, which provides great absorption capacity, this is an array of digestive enzymes and also contains Lactospore, which is a bacterium that helps to have a very healthy intestinal flora and suitable to undergo any diet. CMF Nitro Protein Isolate from MuscleCore Amix is lactose-free and contains no fats or sugars. It is sweetened with stevia and sucralose, making it completely free of aspartame.

Facts of CMF Nitro Protein Isolate from MuscleCore Amix

  • Very powerful and effective protein.
  • Contains ActiNOS that gives better oxygenation to your muscles.
  • Quick recovery of your muscles after training.
  • Free of lactose and fats.
  • Easy and quick absorbing ability, maintaining a healthy intestinal flora.
  • Aspartame-free, does not contain sugars since its sweeteners are Stevia and Sucralose.
  • Stimulates the increase of muscle mass.
  • Increases the levels of oxygen in the blood.

CMF Nitro Protein Isolate from MuscleCore Amix, you can have a healthy and fast recovery of your muscles after undergoing long hours of routine training, as this protein contains a compound patented by ActiNOS that makes it increase vasodilation, which allows your muscles receive a greater input of oxygen and better absorption of nutrients, giving them the ability to recover faster and easier after exercising, is a food supplement free of fats, lactose and sugars, ideal for the diet of every athlete.

Recommended Use: take (1) dose after training or at any other time during the day.

Questions and answers
Buenas, esta proteína al tener el complejo ActiNOS supondrá algún problema en etapa de volumen?? Gracias.
2020-01-05 20:27:36 Sergio
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Hola. Estoy interesado en comprar esta proteina, tengo dos dudas. 1.Podría añadirle monohidrato de creatina en mis batidos pre y post o esta contraindicado en esta proteina por sus componentes? 2.Podría el complejo actinos que lleva alterar el sueño o el ritmo cardíaco creando nerviosismo? Disculpe mi ignorancia al respecto. Decirle a Raul Carrasco que sigo mucho sus videos y aportaciones y nos ayudan mucho. Admiración y respeto. Gracias. Un cordial saludo. Miguel.
2019-12-21 23:05:25 Miguel
Hola podría incluirlo sin problema la creatina en sus batidos. No debe tener problemas de sueño con esta proteína no se preocupe. Un saludo
2019-12-23 15:09:31 Jose
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hola, tengo tremendo lio, estoy tomando aminoacidos gfs de vit. obest en ayunas, y antes de entrenar, glutamina y bcaa despues de entrenar con carbohidratos(panela), que proteina seria la mejor opción para despues de entrenar? rapida - media - lenta? no se como hacerlo... es mejor los gfs en ayunas o por ejemplo esta proteina cfm de amix...? un saludo y gracias.

2015-01-21 19:11:04 oscar

hola oscar, vamos por partes, para que puedas sacar el mayor rendimiento a estos suplementos...toma 20min antes de tu desayuno 25f de cfm nitro, antes y durante tu entreno vas tomando 10g de bcaa y 10g de glutamina....acabando la bebida 20min antes minimo...nada mas acabar toma 10g de gfs para 30min despues tu toma de 30g de cfm nitro.

2015-01-21 19:11:04 Raúl Carrasco - IFBB PRO (MM Team)
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