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Protein Pudding - 600 g

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Protein Pudding from Amix Mr. Poppers is a nutritional supplement with which you can prepare a delicious and exquisite pudding in an easy and fast way. What makes it special among other instant puddings is that it has a high protein content that provides a variety of benefits such as maintaining the training diet.

    Protein Pudding from Amix Mr. Poppers is a healthy solution to your cravings for a delicious sweet.

    Protein Pudding from Amix Mr. Poppers is a very simple mixture to prepare since it contains all the necessary ingredients to prepare a rich pudding, but in a very healthy way that will not interfere with your dietary plan, providing benefits that will help you in the performance of physical training.

    Pudding is a famous gourmet dessert that we all feel tempted to try at some point, but that after the first bite makes you feel guilty for breaking your diet, as it contains a high amount of gluten and additives. But that is no longer necessarily true, as Amix Mr. Poppers has been given the task of creating a functional product that really allows to satisfy such cravings, but without giving up your diet. It is worth mentioning that the mentioned brand is recognized worldwide for the excellent development of a range of products that are nothing more than nutritional supplements with a great nutritional contribution for the consumer and also for being committed to put the best quality on the market.

    This time Amix Mr. Poppers brings to you the wonderful product that will make your mouth water once you prepare that delicious dessert that you like so much. The best of all is that you will not worry about adverse effects on your diet, since this will provide you with a variety of proteins that will contribute to maintain good athletic performance. Plus, it contains a whey isolate and CFM (cross-flow microfiltration) concentrate, which contains one of the best biological values ​​that exist today. In addition to its high protein content, it offers an incredible improvement in recovery after training and stimulates the increase of muscle mass. It is also a product with the best quality on the market and backed by a company widely recognized for its excellent products. There is nothing better or equal to the quality of this product on the whole market, especially when it comes to healthy, nutritious and extremely delicious desserts.

    Facts of Protein Pudding from Amix Mr. Poppers     

    • Contains whey isolate and CFM concentrate.
    • High protein content.
    • Variety in flavors.
    • Delicious and creamy.
    • Easy preparation.

    We all know that it is important to be on a balanced diet to maintain that healthy lifestyle that you love to lead, and for end, Protein Pudding from Amix Mr. Poppers is one of the healthiest and most delicious dessert, which will not interfere with your diet, but it will make it better. You can eat it after meals to increase the protein intake, which, you surely will do, as it has an irresistible taste that makes it a dessert fit for a king.

    Recommended use: it can be prepared in cold or hot. Mix 50 g of product with 150 ml of cold water or 200ml of hot water, and stir until obtaining a creamy mixture.

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