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Protein Pizza - 250 g

Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers is an ideal food product for preparing pizzas. It is great for people who want to take care of their diet but still eat delicious. It can be consumed by professional or amateur athletes. It also helps in the preparation of fast foods for those busy days.

    Prepare the best homemade pizzas, spoil your palate and that of your family with Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers, a food product for a fast and healthy meal.

    Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers is a specific food product to prepare pizzas in a simple way, but without damaging your diet. It is the perfect support for your very busy days and there is not enough time to prepare meals, because in a few minutes you will get a very delicious lunch or dinner and best of all, healthy.

    On the other hand, this ready-to-prepare dough is made from high-quality ingredients and exceptional nutritional values. It is very different from the conventional or traditional dough. In addition, it contains very minimal amounts of sugar and saturated fat. It is very rich in protein and fiber.

    This fantastic product contributes to your diets, as it allows you to eat healthily without eliminating your list of fast food preparations such as pizza. In addition, Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers helps you to include your whole family in the healthy world without them noticing it, especially your children.

    On the other hand, Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers is the perfect support for night movie, game afternoons, among other entertainment activities, because being very quick to prepare, you lose fewer moments of enjoyment and you will be able to better share with people around.

    With Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers you will be able to put your imagination to the limit, since you can add the sauces and ingredients you want to create homemade pizzas to your taste and preference, original and very rich that will delight your palate.

    In addition, it can be consumed from your children to the elderly, including athletes who follow daily nutrient diets. It can also be presented as an appetizer in meetings, parties or any other event.

    What are the main characteristics of Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers?

    • Food product.
    • Pizza dough.
    • Contains nutritional high-quality ingredients.
    • Round-shaped dough.
    • 26 cm in diameter and 6-8 mm thick.
    • Ideal for fast food.
    • When cooked, Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers has a crunchy and juicy texture.
    • Great for any person.
    • Perfect for athletes.
    Nutrition facts per serving (100 g) of Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers:
    • 292 kcal of energy.
    • 10.2 g of fat, of which 1.8 g are saturated fats.
    • 15.9 g of carbohydrates, of which 1 g are sugars.
    • 4.3 g of fiber.
    • 32 g of protein, among other 100% natural ingredients.

    Nothing better than having Protein Pizza from Amix Mr. Poppers always at hand, a high-quality dough that at the end of cooking will be juicy and crispy. It is a pleasant feeling and extraordinary flavor! The best product for a fast and healthy meal!

    Recommended use: as a food product, preheat the oven to 220°C. Remove the packaging, add ingredients to taste and place it on the rack. Bake for 5-8 minutes.

    Questions and answers
    La composition pour favor? Cuales son los ingredientes? Gracias
    2020-01-05 13:25:02 Ève Clochard
    hola,ingredientes mix proteina pizza,agua,aceite girasol,levadura informacion nutricional: por 100gr grasas:10,2gr hidratos:15,9gr azucares:1gr proteina:32gr
    2020-06-04 12:30:30 SALVA VALENCIA
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