Low-carb Protein Mash from Amix Mr. Poppers is an instant mixture to make mash of millet and oat proteins with sweetener. This delicious protein mash with an incredible flavor thanks to its wonderful and varied presentations. It is available in three different presentations with which you can vary its consumption, so you will not get bored of it.

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    Low-carb Protein Mash from Amix Mr. Poppers is a product not only to gain muscle mass, but also to enjoy a very delicious protein mash.

    This mixture to make a protein mash is what anyone needs to obtain muscle gain. Its multiple properties help improve the efficiency with which the human body creates muscle mass.

    This supplement is enriched with a whey protein isolate of the best quality, so you will build muscle mass and boost your levels of energy. In addition, it also contains micellar casein, which is a very beneficial natural protein, with which you will obtain results much faster. With this protein mash, you will be able to better endure intense and exhausting exercise routines carried out to improve your figure/physique. Plus, thanks to the properties of this product, you can be sure that results will be noticeable and incredibly good.

    Low-carb Protein Mash from Amix Mr. Poppers is also a complete delicacy due to its incredible flavors, which will become your favorite. Moreover, it has cereals rich in beta-glucans. It is available in three flavorings, namely, Chocolate-Coconut, Vanilla-Strawberry and Apple-Cinnamon. Furthermore, this protein has been enriched with vitamin C, therefore, it will have a better absorption and generate improvements in the performance, since it will provide energy, improve the functioning of the metabolism and help endure intense exercises. It has a different consistency to the other similar products, more like an oatmeal, thus making your consumption more interesting.

    Low-carb Protein Mash from Amix Mr. Poppers is truly delicious and has unique characteristics that you will not find in any other product on the market, so there is certainly no better option when seeking the best combination of flavor and quality. The company Amix in its line Mr. Poppers has the most capable, effective and seasoned professionals in the development of all kinds of protein supplements, and any product related to the fitness area.

    Facts of Low-carb Protein Mash from Amix Mr. Poppers

    • Promotes muscle growth.
    • Enriched with proteins.
    • Enriched with vitamin C.
    • Low in sugars.
    • Delicious and creamy.
    • Available in multiple flavors.

    This product is all you were looking for, a delicious protein supplement with which you get benefits and results, so look no further and buy it now. You can be confident that you will not regret its purchase, in particular, when it comes to value for money, as Amix in its Mr. Poppers line only gives the best of the best.

    Recommended use: this delicious protein mash is prepared by mixing about 50 g (fifty grams) of Low-carb Protein Mash from Amix Mr. Poppers with about 150 ml (one hundred and fifty milliliters) of warm milk or water, stir until you get a consistency like that of oatmeal, then enjoy it!

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