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Oatflakes (gluten free) - 1kg

AMIX-10- €1.39= ¡€12.51!

OatFlakes from Amix Mr. Poppers are totally peeled oat flakes intended to provide you breakfasts or snacks laden with carbohydrates with low glycemic index. They are pacled in bottles that guarantee their total freshness, gluten free, with excellent oat flavor.

  • Gluten FreeGluten Free

    OatFlakes from Amix Mr. Poppers, take advantage of all the benefits of oats, with a special breakfast.

    OatFlakes from Amix Mr. Poppers are produced directly in Ireland, with the best quality of oats to be able to deliver a high nutritional and energetic value and so carry the daily life and fitness life in the best way. The high quality of this product is achieved with professional production methods, from selection to sowing, through drying and grinding processes, a closed food chain to ensure that there is no trace of gluten, and you can get an oat without contaminants, that is, without any other cereal that can contaminate it.

    OatFlakes from Amix Mr. Poppers can be a reference breakfast to start the day with the energies charged to the fullest. Oats have great nutritional benefits in our life, because in its composition includes carbohydrates with low glycemic indexes, with all the vitamins and minerals that maintain the perfect operation of our organism. It is a food that has high amounts of fiber, which will help us improve our intestinal system, and avoid problems related to it. Usually, fiber is found naturally in cereals, and in oats is found by loads.

    OatFlakes from Amix Mr. Poppers come in a special bottle that guarantees freshness for a longer time than a common pack. This is done so that the flakes are kept in their most optimal state, ready to prepare a delicious and nutritious breakfast and/or snack. Gluten-free (less than 10 ppm), so that people sensitive to this can also benefit from the pleasant taste and texture.

    Facts of OatFlakes from Amix Mr. Poppers:

    • Natural oatflakes
    • Full of low glycemic carbohydrates
    • High energy value
    • Great quality
    • Irish origin
    • Rich flavor and texture
    • Novel and convenient pack
    • Rich source in fiber and Beta-Glucans
    • Relieves intestinal transit
    • Gluten free (less than 10 ppm)

    OatFlakes from Amix Mr. Poppers is convenient for people who want to consume a food with oats with low glycemic index and include in their diets many fibers to relieve their intestinal transit. They are also favorable for athletes who want to consume slow-absorption carbohydrates. Gluten-free oats bring more benefits than anything else, to continue to lead lifestyle as you want it, as natural and healthy as possible. Also, designed for people sensitive to gluten.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 50 g of product with 250 ml of water or milk and consume to taste.

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