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Lute-IN (lutein) - 90 softgels

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Lute-IN from Amix GreenDay is a supplement made of lutein, which has incredible properties, particularly, for doubling sports performance. Take it also to protect your eyes and preserve their health at all times. This product come in soft capsules (or soft gels) that are quickly digested to get immediate and very effective results.

    Lute-IN from Amix GreenDay will double your strength and performance during workouts. It also protects your eyes with its unique properties. You must try it!

    Lute-IN from Amix GreenDay is a supplement concentrated of lutein, a carotenoid that will work wonders by multiplying your performance and stamina. But not only that, as it is also a nutrient that provides eyesight with superior protection, preserving your eye health in an effective way so, as if you were wearing sunglasses.

    It is a nutrient whose production drops in the body due to aging, or because of a poor diet. Therefore, it is important to incorporate it through foods rich in it, such as curly kale, spinach, zucchini, oranges and eggs. In order to ensure its presence in the organism, it is convenient the ingestion of this natural supplement of great effectiveness.

    Undoubtedly, physical performance is multiplied several times with Lute-IN from Amix GreenDay. Lutein has a very important influence in an active lifestyle. As it is a carotenoid dissolves in fat easily, it was proven that when it is consumed along with milk, it is quickly absorbed by the body. In fact, its virtues are absorbed 2 or 3 times faster than other nutrients. It goes straight to the muscles, which translates into more endurance and a remarkable capacity to do a lot of physical activity. Therefore, it is a supplement whose application has increased in sports during recent years.

    The best known benefit of lutein is its ability to protect the eyesight. Today, solar radiation is particularly strong and harmful, therefore the consumption of Lute-IN from Amix GreenDay is very important as it provides a filter on the cornea against ultraviolet light. It also protects the macula, which is the region of greatest visual acuity in the retina. Its antioxidant virtues also offer a protective barrier for the skin against solar radiation. So, its consumption also has health benefits, and is excellent for those who want to maintain a healthy eyesight over time.

    Facts of Lute-IN from Amix GreenDay

    • Boosts performance and stamina.
    • Protects the eyesight.
    • Provides a lot of antioxidants.
    • In soft capsules that are effectively digested.

    Lute-IN from Amix GreenDay is an excellent concentrated supplement of lutein, a carotenoid with very healthy properties. It doubles your performance for any sport and protects the quality of your eyesight. The consumption of certain foods promotes the presence of this nutrient in the body. But if that is not enough or possible due to lack of time, this supplement will act as an effective booster for lutein in your system.

    Recommended use: take 1 capsule a day. If you want to improve physical capacity, take it with a glass of skimmed milk.

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