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CLA 1000 - 90 softgels

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CLA 1000 from Amix GreenDay is an excellent supplement of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), perfect to enhance the results of your sports practice. It favors the accumulation of muscle fibers and reduces the formation of fats. These sofgels are also incredible to compensate for nutritional deficiencies and to improve the health deeply.

    CLA 1000 from Amix GreenDay improves your muscle mass and boosts the results of your training. Yes, it is excellent to strengthen your immune system!

    CLA 1000 from Amix GreenDay is a supplement that gives you a concentrated level of CLA. It is composed of safflower oil and is presented in softgel format, which is rapidly digested, thus being ideal to provide the body with its properties quickly.

    Linoleic acid is a vital nutrient that the human body does not produce by itself, and therefore, it must be incorporated through the diet. It is present in meats, dairy products, and vegetable oils such as sunflower or safflower oil, which is the one that makes up these tablets. Incorporate this product to promote the development of your muscles and have a greater vitality in physical activities. Perfect to strengthen your body and improve your health.

    If you practice high performance sports, CLA 1000 from Amix GreenDay will be your greatest ally. CLA has been proven to provide a source of very important antioxidants to reduce the oxidative stress from cells, which is frequent in a demanding sports activity. It also dissolves with great effectiveness the fats ingested in the diet and those accumulated in the body while promoting the development of the connective tissue that make up the muscles. It is very important to benefit the recovery of ligaments, tendons and joints. It is a supplement that should not be missing from the practice of disciplines such as bodybuilding, fitness, or athletics.

    CLA 1000 from Amix GreenDay is of great help to strengthen health. If you experience a marked tendency to have respiratory discomfort, you may have a deficiency of this fatty acid. Its presence improves blood circulation and optimizes the heart rate. It also has a proven influence on the progress of eyesight. It deeply renews the condition of the hair and the health of the skin. If you have a low level of this important nutrient, consuming fish is a way to reconstitute it. But the pace at which it achieves it is actually progressive. By taking these simple softgels, you will notice a profound improvement in a much shorter time.

    Facts of CLA 1000 from Amix GreenDay

    • Made from concentrated safflower oil.
    • In softgel format for easy consumption.
    • Promotes muscle growth and tone.
    • Benefits the cardiac system.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Improves eyesight.
    • Strengthens the hair.
    • Invigorates the skin.
    • Provides the body with antioxidants.

    CLA 1000 from Amix GreenDay is the perfect supplement to provide your body with CLA. It strengthens your body and muscles, which is ideal if you practice sports. You should improve your health and your quality of life with these easy-to-swallow tablets. Complement your intake of balanced foods, thus ensuring your supply of this nutrient.

    Recommended use: take one capsule a day, preferably during a meal.

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