The Rock Pre-workout - 300g

The Rock Pre-workout from American Supplements is a pre-workout dietary supplement, which will bring you explosive energy to improve and boost your workouts, increasing endurance and regaining muscle mass.

The rock pre-training - 300g

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The Rock Pre-workout from American Supplements is a formula that will increase your performance, reduce fatigue and give you 100% functional explosive energy.

The Rock Pre-workout from American Supplements is a pre-training formula that uses the latest scientific advances to offer a 100% effective and explosive product. It contains lots of ingredients to improve performance, reduce fatigue and provide concentration during training. It is a nutritional complex that is taken before sports practice and is intended to improve the athlete's ability before undergoing training routines, to enable him to reach higher levels of performance than would usually achieve without supplementation, is a great help to make the most of the practice of regular physical exercise. 

The Rock Pre-workout from American Supplements contains the active ingredients "L-Arginine", an amino acid with nitric oxide precursor and vasodilator function. Thanks to these characteristics it favors blood flow, providing nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. "Beta-alanine": amino acid that helps to neutralize the lactic acid (responsible for delayed mialgia, a sort of muscle pain), it delays the muscle fatigue and therefore increases performance. "Caffeine": it increases the physical (muscle) capacity and it delays the appearance of fatigue, it also stimulates the central nervous system and thus increasing our capacity of concentration.

The Rock Pre-workout from American Supplements provides an extra boost to improve your workouts, allowing you to train more intensively, with heavier weights and for longer periods of time. The active ingredients of all our products are based on American recipes. Functional products and with great success in the United States market, the cradle of bodybuilding. We have been inspired by dozens of years of experience of American brands, elite sportsmen and demands of athletes from around the world. We have chosen the best combinations of raw material, multivitamins with minerals and its active components, to create a 100% effective and functional product. It is a good option as it optimizes and multiplies the effects of the exercise performed.

Facts of The Rock Pre-workout from American Supplements

  • Brings explosive energy.
  • Maximum performance.
  • Maximum power and strength.
  • Enriched by vitamins B6 and B1.
  • Helps the muscle development.
  • Helps the muscle definition.
  • Muscle maintenance and recovery.
  • Increases stamina.

It is one of the most sought after products at the time of intense training as a pre-training sports supplement. It has no limitations on what type of athlete can take them, because they serve both the highest level, who aspire to make the most of their abilities, as well as those practitioners at the amateur level.

It is designed for all athletes who develop prolonged activities, in this way it contributes more energy, explosiveness and delay the appearance of fatigue!

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, mix 15 g with water, 30 minutes before training.

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