Micronized Oatmeal from American Supplements is a rich and nutritious way to eat healthy and at the same time supplement a healthy diet. Eating it at breakfast or in the usual shake is excellent for enjoying high fiber, natural energy, protein and vitamins. Eating oats was never so appetizing and healthy!

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    Micronized Oatmeal from American Supplements, food with high nutritional value and rapid assimilation.

    Micronized Oatmeal from American Supplements is a nutritional supplement rich in fiber, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins for proper maintenance of health and muscle development. However, it is not an oatmeal product, on the contrary, American Supplements brings to our comfort an authentic micronized formula for the progressive release of these nutrients and its optimum assimilation. Micronized Oatmeal from American Supplements is one of the most complete foods in the area of nutrition, which is why most specialists recommend its consumption.

    A meal prepared with this supplement, either at breakfast or incorporated into shakes may be the best ally for people who care about their well-being, because it has a high content of complex carbohydrates, proteins, soluble fiber and vitamins, which complement a healthy diet and help maintain muscle. As we should know, carbohydrates can not be lacking in the diet of an athlete or anyone who cares for their health as they are vital for energy, however, Micronized Oatmeal from American Supplements not only contains an adequate percentage, but incorporates a genuine micronized recipe to release vitality throughout the day and not get too tired to training. On the other hand, we can not forget the advantages that incorporates soluble fiber, because like other nutrients, can not be lacking in the meals since it is fundamental to increase the sensation of satiety, to control the weight and to improve the digestion of the foods. In addition, Micronized Oatmeal from American Supplements possesses a high nutritional value in vitamins for the correct synthesis of proteins and the stimulation of the energy metabolism.

    Facts of Micronized Oatmeal from American Supplements

    • Healthy source of fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins
    • Micronized oats for progressive release of nutrients and easy absorption
    • Helps correct maintenance of the musculature and general health
    • Supplement a balanced and healthy diet
    • Increased feeling of satiety
    • Provides energy of low glycemic content throughout the day
    • Contains vegetable proteins for muscle development
    • Container of 1 kg

    Micronized Oatmeal from American Supplements is a food that can not miss in the daily intake of the active and healthy people, especially if it is a rich source of natural energy and rapid absorption protein to protect the muscles and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended use: it can be prepared with water, juice or milk, can also be eaten directly with yogurt, fruits, among other foods.

    Reviews Micronized Oatmeal - 1kg

    • 02/07/2018

    El sabor es bueno... se usa para pankekes o para desayunar.

      • 12/23/2017

      Ottimo gusto.

        • 06/06/2017

        Para mi no sabe a galleta Maria, sabe demasiado a canela y no me entusiasma la lista de ingredientes.

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