Micronized Glutamine - 100 caps

Micronized Glutamine from American Supplements, in its commercial format of 100 capsules, is perfect for those who practice sports with the intention of improving muscle work during their workouts. It supplies the body with the amino acid L-glutamine, which is very active in protein synthesis.

Glutamine micronized - 100 caps

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    Micronized Glutamine from American Supplements: excellent source of amino acids for superior muscle regeneration.

    Consuming Micronized Glutamine from American Supplements provides the body with a very important substance. We refer to an amino acid: L-Glutamine. This substance is vital to prevent breakdown of muscle tissue. This occurs because it retains nitrogen, while actively intervening in protein synthesis. In addition, it is of great importance to raise the body's defenses as well as to optimize digestive processes and detoxification in general. However, its greatest contribution is found in its ability to improve post-workout muscle regeneration. For this reason, it is perfect for those who lift weights, do endurance, bodybuilding or fitness exercises. Its results are immediate and surprising. In addition, Micronized Glutamine from American Supplements has the advantage of being offered in micronized powder form. This means that it has been ultra filtered and, therefore, is much easier to absorb by the body. In this way, the metabolism immediately captures glutamine. Then; moves it to the muscles. In this way, avoiding catabolism and regenerating the muscles with greater speed.

    It turns out that glutamine is one of the amino acids involved in protein synthesis. In addition, it is one of the main elements in muscle fibers. In fact, almost 60% of the muscle tissue is made up of glutamine. It has long been used as a supplement for those dedicated to bodybuilding. One of its first virtues is that it avoids the destruction of the muscles generated by intense physical activity, that is, it counteracts the so-called catabolism. It also helps in nitrogen retention, which is very useful in all bodily activities. In addition, it arouses great interest in people eager to increase their muscles thanks to its superior regenerative effect. This is due to the fact that glutamine is the raw material with which the body produces molecules for its muscle fibers. This substance can be consumed in meat, fish or milk. However, if you want to gain a great muscle mass its contribution from the daily diet is not enough. Therefore, products such as Micronized Glutamine from American Supplements have been created in order to help athletes increase their strength and muscles in general.

    Facts of Micronized Glutamine from American Supplements

    • Provides the body with L-glutamine
    • Improves protein synthesis
    • Prevents catabolism
    • Remarkably improves muscle regeneration
    • Quick results when combined with exercise

    One of the great expectations of every athlete is to increase their mass and muscle tone in a short time, for which a proper muscle regeneration is indispensable. This can only be achieved with supplements that allow you to obtain substances like L-glutamine, which is perfect for synthesizing proteins.

    Recommended Use: take 3 capsules preferably after the exercise routine. Another intake may be made before bed.

    2018-03-12 20:25:31
    Buenas tardes, he adquirido el producto y quisiera saber que dosis diarias recomiendan y si se puede mezclar con l carnitina.
    2018-03-13 10:09:59
    Buenos dias, si lo puedes combinar con la L-Carnitina, las tomas serian 5 gramos antes y 5 gramos despues del entreno. gracias un saludo
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