Deluxe 12:1:1 (BCAAs & Glutamine) - 300g

Deluxe 12:1:1 (BCAAs & Glutamine) from American Supplement is a nutritional powder that will strengthen your immune system, is completely natural, without components that could affect your health and performance. With this product you can increase your energy which is easy to digest, practical to prepare and with an exquisite taste.

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Deluxe 12:1:1 (BCAAs & Glutamine) from American Supplement: the unique complement, with the combination of L-glutamine and branched amino acids that will support your muscle development.

Deluxe 12:1:1 (BCAAs & Glutamine) from American Supplement is a sports nutritional supplement, specifically a combination of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) that greatly facilitate the maintenance of muscle tissues. It works by preserving the reserve levels in glycogen, while preventing collapse of muscle tissue during intense training. BCAAs are the third most important source of energy after carbohydrates and fatty acids; Unlike other amino acids, they are not metabolized in the stomach, but are made directly into muscle, so they are ideal for building clean muscle tissue and preventing the catabolism process.

Deluxe 12:1:1 (BCAAs & Glutamine) from American Supplement is one of the most used food supplements by all athletes. Its perfect and harmonically proportional combination of BCAAs and L-glutamine, makes it an essential and unique product, on the one hand BCAAs provide branched amino acids, protect muscle mass, help recovery and decrease fatigue; On the other hand, glutamine favors the recovery of the muscle. It helps beginner athletes in muscle growth and regeneration, being able to use both before and after training. For high level athletes, it is ideal because it boosts growth, but mainly because it decreases muscle wasting and accelerates recovery, regeneration and maintenance.

Deluxe 12:1:1 (BCAAs & Glutamine) from American Supplement also provides other nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, which contributes to the correct synthesis of proteins and glycogen, regulates the metabolism and immune system, so it is useful to more easily increase energy levels in muscles and other important organs that need it. It helps regulate metabolism and prevent fatigue in general; Its consumption before exercise will bring more strength and energy, and preserve the muscle growth achieved; Its consumption after exercise will help with the recovery of tired muscles and facilitate its regeneration.

Facts of Deluxe 12:1:1 (BCAAs & Glutamine) from American Supplement

  • Potentiates the synthesis of amino acids and muscle proteins.
  • Increases performance and energy in workouts.
  • Accelerates muscle recovery and reduces fatigue.
  • Protects the immune system.
  • Delicious taste, nice texture.
  • Easy to dilute and digest.
  • Helps the growth and regeneration of muscle mass
  • Fights muscle attrition

Deluxe 12:1:1 (BCAAs & Glutamine) from American Supplement is the sports nutritional supplement recommended for any type of athlete, which will help boost performance and growth, while protecting and healing your muscles.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take 12 grams of the product mixed with 250-300 ml of water, before and after training.

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