100% Whey Protein from American Supplement is a powdered food supplement that will help you strengthen your muscle mass faster, without much effort, avoiding muscle catabolism between workouts. Develop your endurance to the maximum with this gluten-free product.

100% whey protein - 2kg

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    What do you take it for? Recuperacion y desarrollo muscular
    How is it taken? Dissolve in water, milk or isotonic drink
    Size per dose From one to two services
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? especialmente despues de entrenar
    Usos Gain muscle mass

    100% Whey Protein from American Supplement: the supplement for those who want to look in shape and healthy, with strengthened muscle mass and with enviable endurance.

    100% Whey Protein from American Supplement is the passport to success in terms of high impact supplements for athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models and those dedicated to activities that require greater physical performance. Its delicious and powerful formula is ideal for muscle development. It contains a high content of proteins and is enriched with amino acids that provide different benefits to the nervous system.

    100% Whey Protein de American Supplement helps recover the tissues after an intense training, you obtain the adequate muscle mass and it is used like a burner of natural fat since gradually it is lost weight until arriving at the appropriate point. To obtain good results requires effort, discipline and motivation, thus releasing that extra fat in the abdomen that is usually complicated when you have a sedentary life and when you do not ingest the supplement according to your physical or nutritional needs. In addition as a nutritional supplement has the advantage of reducing heart disease, hypertension and obesity. In matters of days you will see notorious advantages in health by the contribution of protein and not calorie. After a hard workout you can drink this wonderful macronutrient that comes in different flavors for all people who are on diet. If you want to have a fitness body do not hesitate to have as an ally this drink with low carbohydrate, zero fat improving your quality of life.

    100% Whey Protein from American Supplement is the best and only product on the market that comes in various presentations such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cookies for exquisite palates. Be responsible with your body and give it what it deserves after a long workout routine. This rich nutritional drink is recommended for its easy digestion, in each dose you will get energy and also it has high content of glutamine that is ideal to provide nitrogen to the metabolic activities of the body.

    Facts of 100% Whey Protein from American Supplement

    • Develops and defines your muscle mass and structure.
    • Accelerates the healing process.
    • Avoids sedentary lifestyle, cramps and insomnia.
    • Provides necessary nutrients in the body.
    • Prevents catabolism.
    • Develops endurance.
    • Natural proteins.
    • Gluten free.
    • 100% natural product.

    100% Whey Protein from American Supplement is for professional athletes and for those who lead a healthy lifestyle. Its balanced formula makes it a leader in the nutritional world and is even recommended by experts in the area of health because apart from improving nutritional quality helps you get rid of post-training stress, controls appetite and body weight.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, consume before or after each meal mix 25 g in 200 ml of water or milk.

    Reviews 100% whey protein - 2kg

    • 02/07/2018

    Sabor muy rico. Fácil de batir sin grumos y el resultado se va notando

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