Serum Eye and Face Contour Shangri-la from Amanprana is an excellent cosmetic product that does not contain chemical additives or preservatives, since it is 100% natural. It will help you maintain the skin healthy, allowing you to look younger for much longer. It reduces the patches on the skin and prevents the appearance of new ones.

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Serum Eye and Face Contour Shangri-la from Amanprana, keeps your skin natural forever, always young and beautiful.

Serum Eye and Face Contour Shangri-la from Amanprana keeps your skin radiant with a more natural, pigment-free shade, constantly combating aging and flaccidity around the eyes and lines of expression at the level of the cheeks, thanks to the 100% natural properties of the Shangri-la which comes from extracts of plant, fruit and herb oils, preventing the oxidation of the body cells, delaying the effects of aging on your skin.

Serum Eye and Face Contour Shangri-la from Amanprana is made using the highest quality standards, a product made of the most natural and ecological ingredients thanks to its herbal components, will help you to stay young and confident of yourself; improves your appearance for looking much younger thanks to its properties that nourish the skin. It is sufficiently demonstrated that the skin absorbs many of the components with which it makes contact, ending in many cases in the bloodstream, for this reason the components we have used are completely natural without chemical preservatives.

Serum Eye and Face Contour Shangri-la from Amanprana has been specially developed to keep the structure of the skin much more smooth and shiny around the eyes, avoiding the wrinkles that may appear on its contour, thanks to Shangri-la which is a serum that affects all molecular level the layers of the skin, activating in the blood circulation and in the lymphatic system, allowing the skin to remove its toxins in a more efficient and accelerated way.

Facts of Serum Eye and Face Contour Shangri-la from Amanprana

  • No chemical additives, no preservatives, 100% natural.
  • Contains extracts of plants, fruits and herbs.
  • High concentration of antioxidants ORAC.
  • Nutrients totally active and without parts of water.
  • Reduces and removes wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Reduces patches.
  • Keeps the skin always hydrated, young and smooth.

Serum Eye and Face Contour Shangri-la from Amanprana do not wait another chance, you have at your fingertips the fountain of youth, only you can decide how you want to look, and why not keeping the skin of the eye contour intact, smooth, live with a product of high quality, 100% natural, join the select group of people who know what they want, look lucid, young and healthy. Look in the mirror and see your face shining and bright.

Recommended use: as a product for external use only, it is recommended to use a thick layer over the area of the eyes, previously washed with abundant water and soap, rub gently until the skin absorbs it and the cream does not notice.

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