Rose Exfoliant from Amanprana helps the skin look healthier and young. Its effect removes dead cells and in that way allows the epidermis to remain much softer and aesthetically more acceptable. It prevents wrinkles and also has a texture useful to be used to massage the skin, thus stimulating the blood irrigation.

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Rose Exfoliant from Amanprana, ideal for removing dead skin cells.

Rose Exfoliant from Amanprana is perfect for those who want to have a more beautiful, healthy, smooth, clean and fully young-looking skin. Its main function is to fulfill the exfoliating role, that is, to eliminate the dead skin cells. By performing this process, it allows a very effective facial rejuvenation. In addition, ostensibly improve the appearance of skin damaged by various factors, such as the sun.

Likewise, thanks to a correct exfoliation, it reduces wrinkles, minimizes the damage caused by acne scars or chickenpox, thus discoloring or eliminating uncomfortable patches. All these great benefits are gained by using Rose Exfoliant from Amanprana, which has a much more powerful effect and higher quality than other similar products. To this is added that its texture makes it an excellent tonic to massage the skin, which greatly stimulates the blood circulation and allows nourishing the epidermis with more nutrients. In this way, you achieve a 100% healthy, beautiful and wrinkle-free skin for a perfect aesthetic condition.

The process of exfoliation is totally necessary to have a healthier skin and young look. It removes the dead cells that remain in the epidermis with the intention that a new cellular content takes its place. When exfoliation does not occur correctly, then different kinds of problems occur at the skin level. It happens then that these cells accumulate and generate a thickening in the skin that gives rise to a look and texture as rigid as unsightly. To avoid such problems and complications, you need to use a product as effective as Rose Exfoliant from Amanprana. Its formula based on various nutritive oils and sugar of Coconut Flower (Gula Java) gives an additional plus. We refer to it as a 100% natural product, without chemical additives or allergenic substances that trigger secondary reactions in the skin. In addition, it has a certificate of organic farming of the European Union, which certifies that its ingredients are obtained directly from nature.

Facts from Rose Exfoliant from Amanprana

  • Excellent exfoliant
  • Based on natural oils
  • Includes sugar from the Coconut Flower (Gula Java)
  • Removes dead cells
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • With ecological certificate

All people want to show a healthy and young-looking skin, for which this product is ideal since a natural form catalyzes an adequate exfoliation of the epidermis.

Recommended Use: use in the shower and gently massage the skin to remove dead cells from the outer dermis and stimulate blood circulation.

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