Rooibus Tea from Amanprana is a dietary supplement that acts as a diuretic, allowing your body to eliminate toxins quickly, safely and totally natural. It lowers blood sugar levels, and is excellent for fighting discomforts related to the respiratory system.

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Rooibus Tea from Amanprana, the ideal diuretic, which will help eliminate toxins and purify the entire gastrointestinal and urinary system. Recommended for the care of your body.

Rooibus Tea from Amanprana has numerous benefits for our body. It contains a large amount of minerals such as iron, fluorine, potassium, zinc, sodium, copper, magnesium, manganese and calcium. These high doses of fluoride and calcium help us maintain strong teeth and bones, as well as the potassium and sodium that regulate our body fluids. This is why it is a good diuretic that helps us in removing fluids from the body. This drink has a high content of antioxidants, very useful to combat skin problems such as itching, eczema, hives. For this reason it is good ingested as applied directly on the skin or hair. In addition, these antioxidants, combined with magnesium are a strong booster for the nervous system. Thanks to the antioxidants we strengthen our defenses and delay the aging of our cells that is produced by the aggressions of our daily life.

Rooibus Tea from Amanprana contains rooibos extract, a plant native to South Africa that offers us a delicious and smooth infusion. Like teas, it is marketed in green, fermented and flavored. It is important to say that it is totally caffeine free and that its health properties are highly appreciated. It contains polyphenols the same as tea, and in fact, it is also often called red tea.

Rooibus Tea from Amanprana is the new sensation in infusions, and not only for being a different variety, but for its great benefits for our health and for not containing stimulants as the rest of the tea. Thanks to it contains selective components of great quality, that mixed act together to offer you the best tea ever made. Also with the best ingredients for a great taste.

Facts of Rooibus Tea from Amanprana

  • Excellent remedy to relieve the symptoms of sore throats (pharyngitis and laryngitis)
  • Helps prevent and eliminate fluid retention
  • Excellent remedy to purify and detoxify the organism
  • Acts as antiasthmatic
  • Helps lower blood sugar levels
  • Helps relieve some common skin conditions such as dermatitis
  • It has a high content of magnesium, fluorine and calcium
  • Helps enjoy a restful sleep

Rooibus Tea from Amanprana is the ideal supplement for extraordinary performance, sporting activities that require great efforts, both physical and intellectual, to give you that extra help that you need so much. Advanced athletes such as bodybuilders and fitness lovers who do not neglect to consume this type of drinks, choose as first choice Rooibos tea from Amanprana.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, add the tip of a teaspoon in a cup of tea. Do not overheat the water. It is also ideal for cold drinks.

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