Coconut Sugar with Cocoa - 390g

Coconut Sugar with Cocoa from Amanprana is an excellent base to prepare a natural, healthy and energizing drink. Elaborated on the basis of two components. The first is the sugar of the coconut flower, widely recognized that in addition to being a good sweetener contributes short chain fatty acids, amino acids, fiber and also an ample amount of antioxidants.

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  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
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Coconut Sugar with Cocoa from Amanprana, potent source of antioxidants.

Coconut Sugar with Cocoa from Amanprana is a blend designed to make a delicious drink that at the same time has energetic qualities. It is an exquisite combination of sugar extracted from the so-called coconut flower with cocoa powder. Not only does it contribute a rich flavor to those who consume it, it also endows the body with potency and has an antioxidant tenor.

The type of saccharide it contains is quite special. It comes from the above-mentioned plant, that is, from the coconut flower. It is obtained from the sap, which is heated until it evaporates all its amount of water until it becomes a crystalline sweetener, very similar to the brown sugar. It happens that this type of sugar contains many more nutrients than any other. For example, it provides fatty acids, amino acids and fiber content. Perhaps most interesting is its high amount of anti-oxidants that attack free radicals and prevent premature aging, while promoting cellular regeneration at all levels of the body. To this is added the cocoa, which together with the sugar already described manages to give the body an energy dose capable of revitalizing it and give it vigor for daily tasks.

Natural products have been designed with the intention of achieving a much healthier food pattern. Similarly, efforts have been made to certain variants to strict diets designed to lose weight, as well as those designed to address health reasons. It happens that these eating patterns are cumbersome to follow, as are little motivating because they eliminate most of the desserts and other foods that tend to be seductive to the palate. For this reason, this product has been created. Its purpose is to combine a sugar with a high amount of nutrients with the traditional flavor of cocoa, thus being able to offer the public a drink of exquisite taste with its delicious flavor offers many positive qualities. First, it provides short chain fatty acids. They also contain amino acids necessary for cellular synthesis in the body. It also contains fiber that helps to greatly improve digestion and eliminate excess fats captured in food. Finally, it is an excellent energetic supplement that manages to endow the body with vitality.

Facts of Coconut Sugar with Cocoa from Amanprana

  • Energy drink mix
  • Mixture of coconut sugar with cocoa
  • Provides various nutrients
  • Short chain fatty acids and amino acids
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Delays aging
  • Provides fibers useful for digestive metabolism

Perfect complement to any diet. It includes sugar from the coconut flower and cocoa powder. To prepare rich drinks as healthy as exquisite to the palate.

Recommended use: mix with milk, juices or just water. The results are immediately noticeable.

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