Corn Rolls with Tomato from Amaizin Organic, in packets of 100 grams, supplement a diet to lose weight adding a food with great flavor and texture that makes your mouth water. It contains a high dose of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, making it perfect for keeping cholesterol levels low.

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    Corn Rolls with Tomato from Amaizin Organic, excellent appetizer to accompany meals without worrying about calories.

    Corn Rolls with Tomato from Amaizin Organic are sold in packets of 100 grams. They have the Dutch seal of quality EKO / SKA, which certifies that the product is made with ingredients obtained in an ecological way, without commercial fats or obtained from agriculture based on fertilizers or chemicals. Nor is it composed of elements modified genetically. It is a great snack or aperitif to combine with any type of sauce. Its main ingredients are corn kernels, sunflower seed oil and tomatoes. 100% natural. One of its great advantages is it contains 24 grams of fat, of which only the tenth part are saturated, since the others belong to the category of polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats. For this reason, they are a very healthy food that helps to combat cholesterol and therefore cardiovascular diseases, especially the dangerous atherosclerosis, which causes a large number of deaths from heart attack worldwide. ACorn Rolls with Tomato from Amaizin Organic is a delicious, crunchy and unique snack perfect for any diet designed to lose weight or just lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Weight loss diets have the disadvantage that they are quite strict and do not allow you to enjoy foods such as desserts, grills or many kind of foods that are really delicious but that unfortunately contain many fats or calories. In our case, Corn Rolls with Tomato from Amaizin Organic contains 496 kcal of slow absorption, making it perfect for those who practice sports activity and need to immediately replenish energy after an intense workout. In addition, its high content of unsaturated or polyunsaturated fats helps to maintain an excellent health, without problems of cholesterol or excess lipids that accumulate in various regions of the body. To top it off, its ingredients are all of natural origin and extracted from organic farming, thanks to which it guarantees its good state and that do not supply to the body harmful substances. Therefore, it is a natural and healthy option to lose weight and accompany the dietary pattern of anyone dedicated to sports.

    Facts of Corn Rolls with Tomato from Amaizin Organic

    • Sold in packets of 100 grams
    • Made with 100% natural ingredients
    • Obtained from organic farming
    • High content of polyunsaturated or unsaturated fats
    • Good dose of calories for athletes
    • Crunchy and delicious
    • Central ingredients: corn flour, sunflower oil and tomatoes

    Thanks to these corn rolls with tomato, you will have a magnificent snack for the diets intended to lose weight. Delicious taste and great texture on the palate.

    Recommended use: consume before or after prolonged physical activity, as this will consume the calories included in this meal.

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