Amaizin is characterized by quality and 100% organic foods. The nutritious soy noodles are ideal for lunch as they provide protein and fiber. Soy noodles compared to typical Asian rice noodles are much healthier since they have a lower glycemic content. Each packet contains 200 g and you can choose between black, green or white soy noodles.

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    Soy Noodles from Amaizin, Asian culinary delight at your table.

    Soy Noodles from Amaizin are made 100% organic. This delicious and nutritious gluten-free food can be a substitute for wheat pasta and its protein content can also make up for meat. Amaizin gives you the opportunity to choose between three delicious flavors: white soy noodles, black soy noodles and soy noodles.

    Soy is a protein-rich legume so it is quite popular in vegan and vegetarian diets as it can replace meat. This vegetable provides human body with B vitamins, minerals such as calcium and magnesium, fiber and is a potent source of fatty acids. Because of its low glycemic content, it helps regulate blood sugar. It favors the circulatory system, is recommended for diabetics, facilitates the digestive process, prevents osteoporosis, produces a feeling of satiety, relieves menstrual cramps and the symptoms of menopause. Amaizin's delicious and fine soy noodles can be included in different healthy dishes such as soups, spring rolls, vegetable stir-fries or other recipes from Asian cuisine. To give even more flavor to these noodles you can coat them in different light and nutritious sauces. They are ideal for succulent lunches.

    The nutritional contribution of soy noodles is high and its preparation is practical and easy. One packet contains 200 g of soy noodles. Each serving of 100 g provides 369 Kcal, 41.6 g of high quality protein, 37 g of carbohydrates, 28.4 g of fiber, 8.25 g of salt and 5.7 g of fat. To consume these delicious noodles you must boil water with salt and cook the noodles for approximately 7 minutes. The products of Amaizin are totally organic and come from the gastronomy of different parts of the world. Organic foods are free of chemicals, additives and preservatives both in its cultivation process and in the manufacturing process, thus benefiting the organism and the environment at the same time. Soy noodles are native to Asia and are quite popular because of its versatility when preparing different dishes. Bring to your table the best of Asian food and nourish your body by consuming Soy Noodles from Amaizin.

    Facts of Soy Noodles from Amaizin

    • Source of proteins.
    • Regulates blood sugar.
    • Gluten free.
    • Suitable for vegans.
    • Possibility to choose between 3 different flavors.

    Soy Noodles from Amaizin are the best on the market as they are 100% organic and will give your body proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins with an exquisite taste.

    Recommended Use: this product can be consumed alone or accompanied by healthy sauces and snacks.

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