Pineaple pieces from Amaizin is a fruit that comes cut and peeled. It has high percentage of vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals. It should be noted that it is the only fruit that contains bromelain which is very important for our body as it is an enzyme that reduces swelling and helps arthritis problems.

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    Pineaple pieces from Amaizin, ideal to stimulate the nervous system.

    Pineaple pieces is a fruit that comes in presentation already chopped into pieces and contains a lot of vitamin C that is part of the formation and strengthening of teeth, bones and red blood cells. In addition, it contains antioxidant and is notable for its contribution of bromelain that helps the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates that keep your body always active because of its energy contribution.

    Pineapple is the only food that contains bromelain, an enzyme that provides many benefits to the body, such as: reduction of swelling, either as a result of surgery or wounds, reduces bruising because of a strong blow and the swelling pains that arthritis causes. Also, this enzyme provided by pineapple has been used for treatments in varicose veins, hemorrhoids and any condition that comes from the veins. Pineaple pieces from Amaizin is sweet-tasting, although it does not contain sugar. It is rich in potassium, essential mineral for the nervous system and for the maintenance of muscles, especially for people who practice sports activities. It regulates the metabolism by its contribution in iodine.

    Facts of Pineaple pieces from Amaizin

    • Combats infections.
    • Because of its fiber contents, it reduces digestive problems.
    • Stimulates the nervous system.
    • The only fruit that contains bromelain and provides you with a variety of benefits.
    • Because of its antioxidant contents, it helps prevent premature aging.
    • Neutralizes body fluids.
    • Contains minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc.
    • High percentage of B vitamins and vitamin C.
    • High water content.
    • Reduces swelling due to blows or surgeries.
    • Helps the problems of heartburn and indigestion.
    • Sugar-free and its content is 400 grams.

    The benefits and properties that Pineaple pieces from Amaizin contains are spectacular. It is the only fruit that gives your body an enzyme called bromelain that can be used as a natural remedy and prevents a great number of diseases ranging from hair loss to reduction of swelling produced by blows or arthritis. There are many reasons for you to consume it daily, make your meals more interesting and tasty by using it in desserts, juices and salads. Also, it boosts your energy because of its contents of carbohydrates and brings your body variety of vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants contained in Pineaple pieces from Amaizin stimulate cell reproduction and vitamin C prevents colds, flu, cough and sore throat.

    Recommended use: there is no essential amount to be consumed daily. It can be prepared as juices or added to salads, desserts or recipes.

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