Natural Corn Chips - 75g

Natural Corn Chips from Amaizin is a product made from 100% natural European corn, free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), preservatives, pesticides and chemical additives that could damage the flavor and quality of the corn chips, which have a slight touch of sea salt, to highlight its great natural flavor.

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    Natural Corn Chips from Amaizin, product high in fiber and with delicious flavor.

    Corn, known scientifically as Zea mays, is a grass species of annual crop native America, and domesticated by indigenous peoples in central Mexico from approximately 10 000 years ago. This wonderful plant was introduced in Europe in the seventeenth century, growing and is currently the cereal with the largest volume of production worldwide, surpassing rice and wheat, and making it one of the main food that agriculture offers us. Not only is it used as food it can also be used to produce ethanol being one of the most versatile plants that can be harvested.

    Natural Corn Chips from Amaizin contains corn grown in Europe, which is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are becoming very popular as far as corn cultivation is concerned, since corn grown in the United States and Mexico are mostly GMOs. This is a plant that is pollinated through the air, making the seeds with GMOs contaminate the crops that do not have it, leading to multiple problems ranging from damaging the field to the farmers' economy, in addition to problems in health and in the ecosystem, for this reason only European corn is used. Natural Corn Chips from Amaizin is traditionally made with the Mexican recipe, with corn harvested on the European continent, totally free of GMOs and from organic crops, in addition, are gluten-free and fried in sunflower oil, rich in unsaturated fats, making these chips the healthiest and tastiest you can try, in addition to adding a pinch of sea salt to highlight the delicious flavor of the natural corn, can be enjoyed while watching your favorite series and even at a party with friends, it's just open and enjoy.

    Facts of Natural Corn Chips from Amaizin

    • 100% European Natural Corn.
    • Free from Genetically Modified Organisms.
    • Coming from Organic Farming.
    • Contains sea salt.
    • Fry with sunflower oil.
    • High in fiber.
    • Suitable for celiac and vegetarians.
    • Ideal to eat anywhere.
    • Delicious taste.
    • Attractive presentation.

    Natural Corn Chips from Amaizin is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a completely natural corn chips from organic farming, which ensures that they will be free of GMOs, pesticides or chemical preservatives that could damage the experience and taste of the natural corn of these chips, in addition, to be suitable for vegetarians and celiacs.

    Recommended Use: open and enjoy alone or with friends. Ideal to eat at any time of the day.

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