Nacho Corn Chips with Cheese from Amaizin Organic are a style of tortillas made from corn and cheese that bring enough benefits to our organism whose ingredients come from organic farming conserving the nutrients 100% natural without any type of chemical that could cause damages to health.

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    Nacho Corn Chips with Cheese from Amaizin Organic, gluten-free product, suitable for celiacs.

    Nacho Corn Chips with Cheese from Amaizin Organic is a container of 150 grams that contains corn pancakes (nachos), powdered cheese and, three ingredients that are from organic crops that allows to conserve the nutrients in a natural form. Its texture is crunchy and irresistible, perfect for our palate and with an exquisite cheese flavor that we like so much.

    In short, Nacho Corn Chips with Cheese from Amaizin Organic, is one of the high-sodium foods, a characteristic that brings great benefits to the body. This mineral fulfills several functions in our organism thanks to its properties, maintains the adequate balance of the electrolytes helping the blood and muscle action; It also controls osmotic pressure, participates in the conduction of nerve impulses and balances the body's fluid. Organic corn is one of the most important wheat because it is gluten free, ideal for people who are gluten intolerant (celiac disease) but also excellent for people who play sports thanks to its energy component. It is also the only food that provides beta-carotene and protein, B vitamins and fibers.

    Facts of Nacho Corn Chips with Cheese from Amaizin Organic

    • Thanks to its sodium content, it eliminates the accumulation of liquid in our body thus preventing the swelling of the body.
    • Gluten free, being ideal for people suffering from celiac disease.
    • Perfect for athletes thanks to its contribution of energy (carbohydrates).
    • Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins.
    • The main ingredients for preparing it comes from organic farming, preserving nutrients naturally.
    • Variety of preparation and combination.
    • Corn is the only food that gives us beta-carotene.
    • Contributes fiber, for the good digestive operation.
    • Each packet contains 150 grams.
    • Attractive container.

    In short, Nacho Corn Chips with Cheese from Amaizin Organic is an appetizer that can be combined with some sauces, meats or a dressing you prefer to consume only giving your palate that crunchy feeling that we all like, which is sure is that gives us many benefits in a natural and healthy way. This product is ideal for sharing with family, at a time of fun or at a party being suitable for people who are gluten intolerant, athletes and even anyone who is on a regular diet.

    Recommended use: it is recommended to ingest these exquisite nachos made from corn and cheese combined with sauces, spices (Mexican style), natural or heated in the oven at any time of day.

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