Curry Tandoori Pasta from Amaizin is a delicious mixture of pasta spices (curry, garlic, ginger, coriander, among others) to season and prepare chicken or fish in a tandoori oven. It is only enough to add and leave the marinade to stand to enjoy the best taste and aroma of Indian tradition.

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    Curry Tandoori Pasta from Amaizin: delicious mixture of spices to spice up and feel the true taste of India.

    Curry Tandoori Pasta from Amaizin is a mixture of natural condiments in the form of pasta to prepare with chicken or fish and to bake it in a tandoori oven. It comes in a comfortable container of 80 g, which retains all the freshness and flavor of the spices, in addition, with easy opening to facilitate the preparation of the recipes and taste a delicious curry flavor in each dish. The chicken or fish seasoned with Tandoori is a tradition that gets its name thanks to the tandoor oven. It is a marinated dish with a mixture of spices containing curry, ginger, garlic, coriander, cumin, paprika, among others, which are crushed to prepare a cream and then added to the chicken a couple of hours to catch the taste.

    The tricky thing about this preparation is that some spices are difficult to find and because they are several, their preparation usually takes a long time, and even, they do not manage to impregnate chicken or fish. However, Amaizin brings us the best Tandoori Curry Pasta to flavor and make this great dish have the true flavor of India. With the good news that it is ready-made, it is only necessary to have the chicken or fish ready in a bowl and add for their respective marinade. Once the chicken marinated with Tandoori Curry Pasta is placed in the oven with a few slices of onion or lemon (depending on the preference of each person) we can see how it goes golden and take a delicious taste as the minutes pass. Being ready, serve and eat. Surely the first bite will be filled with a rich burst of delicious eastern flavors from the Tandoori Curry Pasta.

    Facts of Curry Tandoori Pasta from Amaizin

    • Delicious blend of spices with curry, garlic, ginger, coriander, among others.
    • Helps the chicken or fish to brown in the oven and take a great flavor.
    • Comfortable container of 80 g, which retains all the freshness.
    • With easy open for easy preparation.
    • Explosion of flavors from the first bite.

    The typical Indian recipes stand out for their variety of flavors and aromas, however, it is sometimes difficult to find all the ingredients for their preparation. The good news is that Amaizin puts at our disposal the delicious Tandoori Curry Pasta to facilitate these rich dishes and delight.

    Recommended Use: shake before use and mix with chicken or fish. Leave to rest for an hour for their respective marinade, then put in the oven and serve. Preferably store in a cool place.

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