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ALR Industries has designed which may be the first anabolic safe and truly effective for men and women.

With Pro-Anabol, once again we are setting a new standard. Everyone in the industry of the supplement and the athletic community in general have been looking for the so-called \"next pro-hormona\". However ALR Industries has further developed a new anabolic product but without any of the many negative side effects associated with the pro-hormonas.

What you won't with Pro-Anabol

  • Reduction or suppression of the HPTA
  • Masculinization in women
  • Aromatization to estrogen
  • Negative effects on cholesterol

We all like the positive effects:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Decrease fat deposits
  • Faster recovery

could we have all the positive effects without the negatives? All athletes sponsored by ALRI Industries use Pro-Anabol during their competition preparations for a reason. We have all heard of the ecdysterona and the ecdysteroides and know that they have certain benefits, however, are found in high doses to be relatively effective. Certainly have a pure anabolic effect no androgenic side effects, but again, due to problems of absorption and bioavailability … as well as transcriptional factors (information given by a compound to the receivers) have not worked properly.

He is currently the side chain of cholesterol in ecdysteroides that inhibits the possibility of any degree of notable stimulus of the androgen receptor (AR) and obviously also of a higher power and transcriptional activity. So a structure steroidal one correctly to the receiver (AR), there must have a Hydroxilo group at position 17 in the compound. Let's see if I can explain it a little better. A receiver AR is like a lock that you insert the proper wrench to open its mechanism. So if the key or the wrong compound is inserted into the lock or the receiver, then it will not open the door you want. In the case of the ecdysteroides, the key area needs to be reorganised.

ALR Industries bring you with your status of patent, MDHR ?, the first derivative highly bioavailable and truly powerful an ecdysteroide based on a natural plant extract. The compound base is called Dihydrorubrosterone, an ecdysteroide that occurs naturally and that is absent from the cholesterol Group on position-17, but which has a Hydroxilo Group on important position-17. In addition, we have added a 17-methyl-ester to increase the bioavailability and the total power. And a real plus is that no tension on the liver there is as it is observed with the use of some of the old pro-hormonales products. The result is a highly pro-anabolico compound with an excellent oral bioavailability. The revolution of the ecdysteroides has arrived with MDHR ? and this type of ecdysteroide you won't find anywhere else because it is an exclusive patent from ALR Industries.

Our next heavyweight is a very powerful and well known produced extract of the Maca plant, also known as Lepidium Meyenii, which we have called Macabol ?. We are not going to go into details of what we have done here to maintain our advantage, but we have tell their pro-anabolicas properties highly powerful, energetic and the features this wonder herbal lipolitic. The recovery also demonstrates enhanced in almost all users. don't really have much to say since you will feel … no doubt!

Certainly, it is not the star of this pro-anabolica matrix, Bio-kins is a proprietary bioactive of beef serum designed to extract:

  • The cytokines and hormones bioactive, the growth factors promote the growth of the cell
  • Activation of the immune system in such a way that protects the protein and energy loss
  • Enhances utilization of nutrients
  • Increases nitrogen retention, promotes weight gain
  • Growing energy
  • Reduces catabolism of protein and amino acids, improves the retention of protein
  • Clean muscle mass increase

The proprietary extract Bio-kins of beef serum bioactive is a highly concentrated removal of beef serum produced to contain highly effective fractions of the factors of growth, immunoglobulins and other bioactive substances valuable that foster an overall improvement of the recovery and growth effect. It is included to provide a solid support that allows the primary pro-anabolicos components, Macabol and MDHR, have an effect miotrofico maximum (muscle building). We are extremely proud of the results our most recent design Pro-Anabol has delivered with our athletes over the past year.

  • Pro-anabolica help would be
  • Superior recovery
  • Clean mass increase
  • Force growing
  • Fat reduction
  • Any increase in estrogen
  • No effect of masculinization
  • No need to post-ciclo

Directions: as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule, 2 times a day with a separation between takes 12 hours. Do not exceed 8 weeks of continuous use. Rest 4 weeks before again.

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  • antonio manuel m

En mi caso noté un empujón mas moderado de lo esperado.

    • 02/19/2014
    • mirko f

    ne ho provati molti di questa categoria,testo pro, animal test e pro anabol sono gli unici che fanno qualcosa

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