Waxy Maize is absorbed towards the sanguineous torrent at the speed of the light while the digestion in the stomach takes place.

Waxy Maize - 2 kg

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    What do you take it for? Gaining muscle mass and strength
    Size per dose From one to two services
    Size per dose One service
    When should it be taken? Before, during and / or after training
    When should it be taken? Before, during and / or after training
    Usos Gain muscle mass

    Waxy Maize is a modified starch complex, a unique carbohydrate formula able to modify your physicist in minutes!

    Waxy Maize is absorbed towards the sanguineous torrent at the speed of the light while the digestion in the stomach takes place. Once it is in the blood, it really makes you look more fibrous since it takes the subcutaneous water (the one that is right under the skin) to the blood, increasing its volume! So it not only leaves your body lean but also improves the blood so it is ready to work the carbohydrates!

    Waxy Maize of ALLMax Nutrition is a maize starch base modified with unique properties for the human body. While the majority of carbohydrate complexes remains in the stomach until being digested and then they get broken in short sugar chains and carbohydrate before entering the sanguineous irrigation, Waxy Maize that has an unusually high molecular production falls by its own weight to the stomach, twice faster! By this, it remains as a long or complex carbohydrate chain until it enters the small intestine for the absorption.

    In addition, Waxy Maize has a very low osmolarity what makes possible that it gets at the blood quickly. And most important, is that all this process happens in ONLY MINUTES!


    Directions: As dietary supplement, take 1 dispenser with juice, liquid protein, or 355 ml of water. Use immediately during the training or later as post-training, according the needs of carbohydrate ingestion.


    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 1 scoop (40 g)
    Doses per package: 50
    per dose

    Wazy Maize (Amilpectine)


    40 g

    140 kcal
    40 g
    28 mgs
    4 mgs

    Other Ingredients: Waxy Maize without flavor/color.

    Reviews Waxy Maize - 2 kg

    • 09/30/2017

    ideal como post entreno para la correcta regeneración muscular

      • 06/27/2013

      En 1er lugar muchas gracias por el regalo.llevo solo un par de semanas tomando waxy maize y ya voy notando cambios en mi físico.me noto mas definido y marcando venas por el abdomen.el sabor un poco a farmacia pero bueno...

        2017-05-16 23:46:44
        Hola me gustaria saber que efecto secundarios provoca y durante que tiempo continuado se puede tomar.
        2017-05-17 10:13:04
        Hola Rafa,waxy es amilopectina,esto es un hidrato de carbono de alto peso molecular,recupera muy rápido el glucógeno post entreno y se asimila muy rápido para poder meter intra entreno o antes del entreno,todo depende del objetivo de la persona. Con respecto a su pregunta ningún carbohidrato tiene ningún efecto negativo ni secundario, lo puede tomar tranquilamente el tiempo que crea conveniente, yo es un carbohidrato que nunca dejo sobre todo para post entreno.Un saludo
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        2015-07-20 22:21:11

        quisiera saber si puede contener trazas de gluten

        2015-07-20 22:21:11

        hola iria, cualquier suplemento de cualquier tipo, ya sea amilopectina o proteina de suero, puede contener trazas a no ser que el fabricante indique lo contrario.

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