Pure Grape Seed Oil - 30ml

Pure Grape Seed Oil from Aldem Farma is a product of topical use, ideal for cosmetology, since it prevents the premature aging of the skin, acting as a natural antioxidant that contributes softness and elasticity to your skin. Take care of your body with this wonderful spray that can also be used in the kitchen for its excellent taste, smell and texture.

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Pure Grape Seed Oil from Aldem Farma rejuvenates your skin with the fascinating natural antioxidant offered by the grapes seeds.

Pure Grape Seed Oil from Aldem Farma is a vegetable oil, very rich in essential fatty acids (also called Omega 6 and Omega 3) that is obtained by cold pressure of the grape seeds. Due to its texture, grape seed oil leaves a shiny coating covering the skin when it is used as a carrier oil when mixing with essential oils. Its appearance is that of a pale and delicate oil. It helps the body to protect itself from radical cells and in turn harmful to the skin that are caused by UV rays from the sun.

Pure Grape Seed Oil from Aldem Farma is a natural antioxidant without equal for cellular antiaging. It is composed of proanthocyanidin, vitamin E and resveratrol, antioxidants that eradicate radical cells from our organic system and skin. The properties of cellular anti-aging have to do with the delay of this, through its illuminating effect on the skin, which gives it more life and provides smoothness, avoiding the formation of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dryness of the skin. The fatty acids in which this oil is composed are oleic, to a lesser degree and linoleic, to a greater degree. These fatty acids increase the nutritive effect of the oil, favoring the hydration of the skin.

Pure Grape Seed Oil from Aldem Farma is a light oil that is absorbed quickly by having a calming and shining effect on the skin. It has excellent emollient properties that soften and calm the skin helping to rebalance the loss and absorption of skin moisture. It is an ideal cosmetic ingredient to treat weakened skin or tissue damaged by its regenerative and restructuring qualities that allow better control of skin hydration. In addition, it has equal benefits in its use in the kitchen, because it does not contain cholesterol, which would help reduce bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Facts of Pure Grape Seed Oil from Aldem Farma

  • Treatment that combats cell anti-aging
  • Rich antioxidant that protects your skin against radical cells and old age
  • Softening and calming effect of the skin
  • Contains nutritional qualities for body hydration
  • Healthful in use for cooking
  • Pale golden and delicate oil
  • Light texture
  • Spray format

Pure Grape Seed Oil from Aldem Farma is very conducive to the health of the body, more than any treatment in the period of old age or where you feel that the skin is weakened. It contains a high level of antioxidant components that are indispensable for the optimal functioning of the body, adding vitality to your cells. It avoids the degeneration of skin cells, due to the constant exposure to UV rays. It is an excellent oil to use on a daily basis, to always have the skin protected and hydrated.

Recommended Use: as a topical product, use the spray on the skin in the morning and / or night. As food, use it cold to make vinaigrettes or to fry.

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