Grape Cream Anti-aging - 50ml

Grape Cream Anti-aging from Aldem Farma is a cream that will protect your skin from the radical agents that damage its appearance, guaranteeing you with its daily use, a total rejuvenation. It is enriched with vitamin E and easily absorbed, so that you look beautiful and radiant skin wherever you go.

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Grape Cream Anti-aging from Aldem Farma is the ideal daily treatment to combat wrinkles and signs of aging with an innovative formula of grape concentrate.

Grape Cream Anti-aging from Aldem Farma is a cream with grape concentrate that contains in its formula the exclusive resveratrol, anti-aging active that delays the cellular aging. Of rich and unctuous texture that merges with the skin penetrating and reactivating the cellular metabolism. Fill our wrinkles and revitalize the skin. It has been shown that Resveratrol is a potent concentrated active ingredient in wine that naturally activates the enzyme responsible for delaying cell aging.

Grape Cream Anti-aging from Aldem Farma is composed of resveratrol, an antioxidant substance, and because of that property can be found in numerous cosmetics. That antioxidant power, combats free radicals, protects against ultraviolet radiation or cell mutations. Resveratrol favors microcirculation. It has been investigated that lack of luminosity, increased impurities or reduced production of collagen and elastin are the result of poor oxygenation, which helps the appearance of wrinkles and aging skin. Therefore, it is a great important anti-aging if we want to have a healthy and hydrated skin. In addition, it collaborates in the production of collagen, helping the skin to be more firm and elastic.

Grape Cream Anti-aging from Aldem Farma, with an advanced formula reduces existing and emerging wrinkles, thus slowing the premature aging and leaving the face with a firm, smooth and young appearance. If there is an area of the body that women have special concern for their care, this is the area of the face as it is the first image we have of a person. From a certain age the facial zone begins to lose properties and daily care is needed to provide the hydration, elasticity, vitality and shade that due to skin aging is progressively losing. Wrinkles, bags and dark circles in the eyes are obvious signs of a skin that needs a treatment.

Facts of Grape Cream Anti-aging from Aldem Farma

  • Retards skin aging
  • Satisfaction guaranteed according to the needs of your skin
  • The best aroma, very nice
  • Does not cover the pores, let your skin breathe properly
  • Use for all skin types
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Single protective effect
  • Fills in your expression lines
  • Excellent and ideal absorption on your skin
  • High satisfaction in results in the short, medium and long term
  • Skin more cared, more beautiful and radiant

Grape Cream Anti-aging from Aldem Farma rejuvenates the skin in depth, and is ideal as anti-aging. It brings youth to our dermis. It is the Indicated for mixed and dry skins. A product never elaborated, thanks to its components and ingredients of great quality. Grape Cream Anti-aging from Aldem Farma is for you.

Recommended use: as a product for external use only, apply in the morning and night on face and neck avoiding eye contour.

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