Eye Contour Pomegranate from Aldem Farma is an antioxidant complex for the delicate area of the eye contour that helps to recycle and regenerate the antioxidant capacity of the skin, while neutralizing the damages caused by the free radicals responsible for the premature aging of the skin.

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Eye Contour Pomegranate from Aldem Farma, the powerful anti-wrinkle that protects the ocular area from free radicals and delays shallow wrinkles in our facial expression line.

Eye Contour Pomegranate from Aldem Farma helps the treatment against wrinkles in our skin, especially in the part of the eye contour, with antioxidant action. The benefits of antioxidant sources are well known in regards to the skin, as they protect cells from so-called free radicals, and prevents the production of oxides. These molecules are capable of delaying the process of the oxide in other molecules, which can generate a care in our skin and to avoid the premature aging of this one.

Eye Contour Pomegranate from Aldem Farma is made of grape seed polyphenols and antioxidants composed of pomegranate extract and vitamin E. It contains no parabens, colorings or mineral oils. The oil-free texture is silky and velvety, and when applied on the skin, penetrates quickly. Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a fruit that is found from the Mediterranean basin to India. The different parts of the pomegranate possess different antioxidant capacity. Pomegranate peel extract has a higher antioxidant capacity and inhibition of LDL oxidation than pulp extract.

Eye Contour Pomegranate from Aldem Farma is an effective anti-wrinkle formula that helps to recycle and regenerate antioxidants on the eye contour, which, in short, prevents fine lines before they appear. At the same time act as an anti-wrinkle, it also has positive effects on the most sensitive and delicate skins, because it has the necessary energy supply for the maintenance of healthy skin. It is a good sunscreen, and prevents the appearance of sunspots.

Facts of Eye Contour Pomegranate from Aldem Farma

  • Excellent anti-wrinkle formula that treats the aging of the skin in the expression lines
  • Contains all the antioxidant effect of pomegranate extract
  • Sunscreen around the eyes
  • Has vitamin E
  • No parabens, no colorings, and oil-free texture
  • Silky and velvety texture, penetrates quickly
  • Sunscreen around the eyes
  • Made from the best components

Eye Contour Pomegranate from Aldem Farma is the best choice for treating wrinkles on your skin and close to the eyes. It helps your skin regenerate molecules and prevent premature aging. If you are concerned about taking care of your skin and are aware of the risks that sun exposure can have on your body, you better have a product that works effectively. Aldem Farma's laboratories are the best quality pharmaceutical cosmetics.

Recommended use: as a product for external use only, apply on the eye contour in the morning and/or night.

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