Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly - 50ml

Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly from Aldem Farma is a source of vitality thanks to its content in Royal Jelly, Liposomes and special nutrients. It restores and preserves the degree of hydration of the skin, revitalizes the metabolic processes of the tissue, prevents and attenuates the signs of premature aging helping to give your skin back its smooth look.

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Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly from Aldem Farma, the ideal daily treatment to combat wrinkles and signs of aging with an innovative formula.

Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly from Aldem Farma is a soft cream with high hydration power specially formulated to allow frequent use in all types of skins, even the most sensitive and delicate. It helps to regulate the necessary energy supply for the maintenance of healthy skin. The waxed wax with which the royal jelly beauty cream is made, allows it to penetrate completely into the epidermis and dermis, which means in addition to a greater nutritional action, makes the skin shiny, allowing to show off a perfect skin, and is suitable for ladies and gentlemen. One of the extraordinary biological characteristics of royal jelly is its ability to renew cells. It is used for the purpose of giving youth back to the tissues of the skin.

Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly from Aldem Farma after its continuous use it prevents the formation of wrinkles, avoiding the excessive deterioration of the skin, produced to a greater extent by the action of the sun, the detergents and other external aggressions. It provides the skin with the elasticity it needs for its maintenance, thus making the skin smooth and soft. With sun protection, it prevents the appearance of sunspots.

Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly from Aldem Farma incorporates in its formula the latest discoveries made on the premature aging of the skin and how to treat free radicals. The testimonies of qualified dermatologists confirm the widely beneficial effect of royal jelly on its application through a skin cream. This cream is extremely nutritious and assimilable by any type of skin and age, and have no contraindication. Renewing the cells provides a new and youthful skin everyday. And here is the difference, not with a young look, but truly young.

Facts of Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly from Aldem Farma

  • Use for all skin types
  • Retards skin aging
  • High satisfaction in results in the short, medium and long term
  • Satisfaction guaranteed according to the needs of your skin
  • Improve oxygenation and nutrition of tissues
  • Provides elasticity and flexibility to the skin
  • Reinforces the defenses of the dermis
  • Fills in your expression lines
  • Great effectiveness
  • Contains the best quality components

Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly from Aldem Farma comes with an advanced formula that reduces existing and emerging wrinkles, thus slowing down premature aging and leaving the face looking firm, smooth and young. For you looking for a great effectiveness in a rejuvenating cream. What are you waiting for? Buy the Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly from Aldem Farma.

Recommended Use: as a product for external use only, apply in the morning and/or evening on the face and neck skin.

Reviews Anti-aging Cream Royal Jelly - 50ml

  • 04/10/2018

El producto cumple lo que promete y tiene muy buena textura. Un acierto.

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