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Theanine AB Complex - 30 capsules

Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB is the most concentrated natural supplement on the market. It is made from L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, vitamin B6 and magnesium that combine for the normal functioning of the psychological function. It is gluten-free and does not cause drowsiness, so it will allow you to have a clear mind.

    Enjoy a calm mind by taking Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB, which will help you improve your attention, memory and concentration deficit!

    Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB is a food supplement formulated with an excellent L-theanine concentrate that helps stimulate the brain's alpha waves and has a relaxing effect that calms nerves and anxiety. The intake of this supplement will help you to be calm without feeling sleepy since it does not cause drowsiness or lethargy. It will help you to get to a deep sleep for hours, which will allow the brain to rest and put its hormones into balance, thus the improvement of the process of learning and concentration. It contains substances that reduce cholesterol levels allowing to improve the cardiovascular health. This product has an anxiolytic effect with which you will be able to avoid anxiety. It also activates the hormones of happiness, so it will significantly improve your mood naturally and does not contain chemical ingredients that harm the body.

    What is Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB?

    • Progressively strengthens the psychological function.
    • Does not cause drowsiness or drowsiness.
    • Its formula includes vitamin B6 and magnesium.
    • Fast action.
    • Its consumption is suitable for vegetarians.
    • Without gluten.
    • Neither artificial colors nor titanium dioxide.

    Ingredients and format of Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB:

    Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB comes in a white hard capsule format, with very fast effect and absorption. In addition, it is completely natural, so it does not contain gluten or chemicals.

    Content per dose (1 capsule):

    • Contains 250 mg of L-Theanine.
    • Has 150 mg of magnesium.
    • Provides 6 mg of vitamin B6.

    Why should you take Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB?

    Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB is a magnificent nutritional supplement that has a relaxing and calming effect so its benefits are noticeable from the first dose, since it allows you to obtain a better rest, and as a result, it provides a better concentration to perform your daily activities and improve the learning. With the intake of this product, the sensation of anguish and stress will be fully controlled so that panic, fear and anxiety will be under control. Let the sensation of pleasure and relaxation return to help you be in a good mood and enjoy life pleasantly. It does not contain gluten or chemicals that may alter the formula and damage the body.

    Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB is an excellent product with a highly concentrated formula and recommended for the consumption of young people and adults who suffer from a malfunction of psychological functions. It is suitable for vegetarians and is an excellent supplement for people who have trouble falling asleep. Like all products of this prestigious brand, it is made under the strictest quality standards.

    Recommended use of Theanine AB Complex from Airbiotic AB:

    • As a nutritional supplement, take 1 capsule.
    • Take with a meal.
    • Take it once a day.
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