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Fish Oil AB 1200 mg - 60 capsules

Cataloged by many as the best omega-3 supplement available on the market today. This new supplement contains in its formula omega-3 fatty acids, including a good amount of DHA and EPA. It is characterized as a product of superior quality, reason why it is well recognized. It has been certified by IFOS with 5 stars, thus guaranteeing that you will receive extraordinary health benefits.

    Enjoy the benefits of a product based on omega-3 fatty acids with certified high purity to improve your health effectively and safely.

    Fish Oil AB 1200 mg from Airbiotic AB is a new product that has been developed taking into account the highest quality standards, in order to create a unique supplement, with a formula that stands out for a purity, concentration and stability unique in its category. It was developed using the PureMax technology, which ensures the highest purity of the fatty acids that make up its formula, reducing oxidation levels and heavy metals to the slightest expression, making it a product of unbeatable quality. Fish Oil AB 1200mg from Airbiotic AB is a product rich in omega 3 and also incorporates excellent amounts of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), which, combined, form the perfect supplement to strengthen your immune system, improve your heart and brain health, and even offers an excellent antioxidant effect that protects your body from cellular oxidation caused by free radicals.

    Main facts of Fish Oil AB 1200 mg from Airbiotic AB:

    • Contains omega 3 of the best quality and purity you might find on the market.
    • Holds a 5-star certification of quality, safety, concentration and purity granted by IFOS.
    • Has very low levels of oxidation and no heavy metals.
    • Promotes correct and normal heart function.
    • Contributes to normal brain maintenance and functioning.
    • Stimulates a better health of the eyes.
    • Has an antioxidant effect.
    • Enriched with natural vitamin E.
    • Helps minimize reflux problems.
    • No smell or fishy taste.
    • No side effects.

    What is in each capsule of Fish Oil AB 1200 mg from Airbiotic AB?

    Fish Oil AB 1200 mg from Airbiotic AB is a supplement in capsules, each provides an excellent amount of omega 3, DHA and EPA fatty acids, allowing effective and practical dosing.

    The ingredients of Fish Oil AB 1200 mg from Airbiotic AB are purified fish oil, rich in omega 3, EPA and DHA fatty acids, which are combined with an excellent amount of vitamin E.

    Contents per capsule:

    • Contains 1200 mg of fish oil.
    • Has 720 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, of which 396 mg are from EPA and 264 mg from DHA.
    • Has 10 mg of vitamin E.

    Why Fish Oil AB 1200 mg from Airbiotic AB is so good?

    Being a product made of ingredients of the best quality, purity and concentration available on the market, it ensures the maintenance of good brain, heart and vision health; while at the same time it serves to treat other problems such as reflux and help protect the body from cellular oxidation.

    Fish Oil AB 1200 mg from Airbiotic AB is ideal for any adult who wants to consume ideal amounts of omega 3 to improve their health in a natural, efficient and safe way. It is especially indicated for people suffering from cardiovascular problems, pregnant women, people affected by vision problems, reflux, among others.

    How to take Fish Oil AB 1200 mg from Airbiotic AB?

    • As a nutritional supplement.
    • Take 1 to 3 capsules per day.
    • Swallow every capsule with a meal.
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