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De Luxe Whey from Activlab is a food supplement specially formulated for professional athletes. It is perfect to meet the necessary protein requirements that allow them to develop, safeguard, recover and reform their muscle mass, providing them with an excellent whey protein concentrate fortified with branched-chain amino acids, free of sugars, offering flavors and aromas to delight their palate.

    De Luxe Whey from Activlab is a delicious choice of flavors for every day.

    De Luxe Whey from Activlab is an excellent sports food supplement, helping in the development and growth of muscle mass, clearly improving the performance of athletes when training. It is made of premium quality whey concentrate, which offers protein powder in every intake, minimal presence of carbohydrate fat, with rich, pleasant and different flavors for each day of the week to enjoy and delight. De Luxe Whey from Activlab is the perfect choice for highly proficient professional athletes.

    Facts of De Luxe Whey from Activlab:

    • Involves in the loss of fatty tissue.
    • Repairs and develops muscle tissues.
    • Contains 100% natural organoleptic properties.
    • Sugar free.
    • Contains no aspartame.
    • Excellent sports supplement.
    • Pleasant and rich flavors.
    • High quality whey protein concentrate.
    • Rapid digestion and absorption.
    • Reduces muscle conditions and injuries.
    • High concentration of amino acids.
    • Muscle definition and regeneration.

    Even if you need to get really nerdy with your numbers, the carbs and fats in a typical whey concentrate will not mess with your macros. Benefits: high protein, low carbs, low fat, good absorption, a complete protein, solid source of amino acids. Whey protein concentrate is a common bodybuilding supplement used to increase dietary protein intake, often with the goal of maximizing muscle hypertrophy. Whey protein typically comes in three major forms: concentrate (WPC), isolate (WPI), and hydrolysate (WPH).

    Composition of De Luxe Whey from Activlab:

    De Luxe Whey from Activlab nourishes the body with necessary energy to deal with day-to-day activities, safeguarding, increasing and maintaining muscle mass and the bone system. It also provides excellent amounts of protein with minimal fat content. All these important characteristics make De Luxe Whey from Activlab the tentative dietary supplement for sports lovers.

    De Luxe Whey from Activlab is made from whey protein concentrate, dextrin malt, beta-carotene, sweetener (sucralose) and flavorings.

    Why should you take De Luxe Whey from Activlab?

    De Luxe Whey from Activlab is a delicious protein shake with natural flavors that contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and the bone system in a fun, nutritious and above all pleasant way in each of its tastings: peanut butter with raspberry with its energy content, vitamins, minerals, healthy fibers and antioxidant properties. If we surprise you with these flavors, you will be even more surprised with its orange shake with cheese cake, an explosion of vitamin C in each intake, which favors healing and strengthens the immune system, high in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Wait no more De Luxe Whey from Activlab is waiting for you!

    De Luxe Whey from Activlab is the protein food supplement that is ideal for demanding athletes, who want to achieve great results, for all those who want to improve their physical appearance. It is perfect to recover muscle mass lost due to injuries or physical inactivity, for bodybuilders and all those who need to strengthen their muscle mass.

    Recommended daily dose of De Luxe Whey from Activlab:

    • Take it with water or milk.
    • Take it right after workouts.
    • Take daily.
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