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List of products by brand 8C plus

8CPlus is a company present in the Spanish market for more than 18 years and innovates in cutting edge products for climbing, especially in the manufacture and marketing of novel forms of magnesium and accessories for outdoor sports.

This company manufactures and distributes magnesium carbonate products in different formats, as well as accessories for climbing, mountain sports and camping.

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20% dtoMagnesium powder maximum grip - 50g/30cl

Powdered Magnesium Maximum Adhesion - 50g/30cl

8C plus

Powdered Magnesium Maximum Adhesion from 8cplus improves grip on climbing....
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8CPlus is an innovative company that has developed specialized machinery for the manufacture of magnesium block of dolomitic origin.

Nowadays, this company is the only manufacturer that develops unconventional magnesium blocks. In its facilities, it produces the classic forms of magnesium and has incorporated to its line other innovative products, like colored magnesium, magnesium in stone color, magnesium in comfortable unitary sticks with zip, etc.

8CPlus manufactures and packages magnesium in pure form or in combination with other products. Offers magnesium powder (available in blister, jar and barrel), magnesium flocs in all formats, compacted low density magnesium (to eliminate pollution in gyms), liquid and gel magnesium, as well as rosin, a product used to avoid slipping during climbing that allows to improve grip, as well as rosin with magnesium.

This company is the only one in the world that manufactures colored magnesium (ideal for competitions) in various shades as well as stone-colored magnesium to use in the natural climbing environment.

The Magnesium Carbonate by 8CPlus is approved for food use and has the quality guarantees of the most stringent standards such as ISO 9001. It does not contain heavy metals (according to the European Commission Regulation- E504), gluten or allergens.

Some products by the 8CPlus brand offer sports consumers an added value in hand skin care, such as Magnesium combined with glycerin or the restorative moisturizing cream for climbing, ideal for hands that are in permanent contact with rocks.

Other products that the company sells are bags and belts to carry magnesium, buckles, adhesive bandages and finger protectors, pickets, winds, rubber bands, maces, compasses, altimeters and other camping and climbing items.

8CPlus constantly invests in R & D (research and development) to offer athletes climbing products and accessories for advanced sports developed on the basis of the strictest quality standards.