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Foliactive Pills - 60 capsules

Foliactive Pills from 500 Cosmetics is an amazing food supplement that has perfect active components to strengthen your hair and avoid any possibility of the hair loss. See how your hair improves thanks to powerful nutrients that stimulate hair follicles and restore a natural and very attractive shine. Foliactive Pills from 500 Cosmetics works by strengthening your hair from your body.

    Foliactive Pills from 500 Cosmetics will renew your hair and give it a simply spectacular shine. Avoid hair loss! Do not miss out on this excellent nutricosmetic product!

    Foliactive Pills from 500 Cosmetics is a food supplement that you must have to prevent the hair loss and strengthen it naturally.

    These capsules regenerate and revive weakened hair follicles, reducing the possibility of suffering hair loss thanks to their components that act from inside the body. They produce a vasodilator effect that stimulates the blood supply to the scalp, also providing your scalp with very important nutrients that promote its health. Foliactive Pills from 500 Cosmetics provides zinc, which improves the multiplication of cells, iron that strengthens the roots of each hair fiber, l-cysteine ​​that increases the diameter of each hair, and vitamin E whose antioxidant effects fight the action of free radicals in the hair development.

    Improve the beauty of your hair by taking Foliactive Pills from 500 Cosmetics. There are many circumstances that can affect your natural shine, and that are due to your lifestyle. Poor diet, radical changes in the hormonal balance, stress and various harmful habits can damage the condition of your scalp. This can be evidenced in dull and brittle hair, which, if not improved, could be heading towards a safe loss of hair fibers. These capsules are a treatment to regulate the oil and fatty material productions, eliminating and preventing hypertrophy from sebaceous glands. This leads to a deep regeneration of hair growth, as well as reducing the possibility of experiencing the hair loss.

    Take advantage of the Foliactive Pills from 500 Cosmetics benefits. Nutricosmetics uses a revolutionary principle to improve aesthetics and also solves appearance problems in a really effective way. If you have problems to have the hair of your dreams, unlike topical products, this dietary supplement will give you health and beauty, since it provides you with specific nutrients that act from the same organism. Renew your hair giving it shine, strength and volume. Its nutritional components are also good for your health and are easy to consume. You can even try its properties for all hair, even to reverse damage from chemicals and commercial dyes.

    Contents per dose (2 capsules) of Foliactive Pills from 500 Cosmetics:

    • 600 mg of trigonella foenum-graecum L.
    • 300 mg of vitis vinifera L.
    • 60 mg of l-cysteine.
    • 100 mg of vitamin C.
    • 30 mg of vitamin E.
    • 20 mg of niacin.
    • 18 mg of vitamin B5.
    • 19.2 mg of zinc.
    • 7 mg of iron.

    Foliactive Pills from 500 Cosmetics is a nutricosmetic product that you must have if you want to prevent the hair loss. This product provides an amazing vasodilator effect, as well as nutrients you really need to nourish each hair fiber, strengthen it, and give it an enviable shine.

    Recommended direction: take 2 capsules daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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