The supplement Whey Multi Plus from 4PRO Nutrition has been made based on a high quality whey concentrate. It contains essential amino acids, with a low fat index. It has whey concentrate, creatine monohydrate, L-taurine, skim milk protein and sweetener. Applicable to supplement bodybuilding or to strengthen the level of proteins in the body.

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Whey Multi Plus from 4PRO Nutrition provides us with extra high quality proteins.

Whey Multi Plus from 4PRO Nutrition is a high quality whey concentrate, which provides a source proteins easily absorbed by the body. It provides essential amino acids, through its complete ingredients, specially selected to optimise nutrition. It has creatine monohydrate, skimmed milk protein, whey concentrate and sweetener. This supplement provides a balance of elements through a low fat index, to promote the development of lean muscle tissue. It offers all the benefits of milk, increases strength and improves endurance during a workout routine.

To perform an optimal exercise routine, the body needs a complete supply of vitamins, lipids, healthy carbohydrates and proteins. The latter are necessary for the body to have the necessary material to repair the muscles and benefit their growth. This is the reason why Whey Multi Plus from 4PRO Nutrition is a high quality whey concentrate. It contains essential amino acids that increase the cellular and hormonal dynamics of the organism. Added to this also works as an antioxidant which revitalises the immune system. It is an essential ingredient to gain muscle mass, and achieve the desired body toning.

Whey Multi Plus from 4PRO Nutrition also has creatine monohydrate. It is a substance that is naturally found in red meat. But through this supplement the organism receives it in a pure state, so that it can act more quickly. Creatine monohydrate hydrates muscle cells, boosts energy levels and promotes muscle growth. It also contains L-taurine, an amino acid that reduces fatigue, decreases the possibility of cramping, and prevents the onset of injuries. All these components are combined with skim milk protein, which prevents the increase of fats. Its delicious taste is due to sweeteners, so there is no need to fear the presence of sugar, which is not recommended for building the body.

Facts of Whey Multi Plus from 4PRO Nutrition

  • Whey protein concentrate.
  • Provides essential amino acids.
  • Whey concentrate.
  • Creatine monohydrate.
  • Skimmed milk protein.
  • Sweetener.
  • Low fat index.

The supplement Whey Multi Plus from 4PRO Nutrition provides an extra dose of proteins that help the body to recover and rebuild its muscle structure. It is ideal to supplement the sports activity, or to benefit body nutrition. This nutritional supplement contains a low level of fats, which is great for optimizing the growth of lean muscle tissues. Exclusive for adult consumption.

Recommended use: take a dose of 30 grams dissolved in 150-300 ml of water. Consume up to 2 times a day. One in the morning and one after the exercise in the case of sportsmen.

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