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Waxy Max (Amylopectin) - 2 kg

Waxy Max from 4Pro Nutrition is a high-quality supplement, which provides the organism with an input of concentrated amylopectin, which is a powerful carbohydrate that quickly increases the level of energy in the organism, and immediately, thanks to its fast assimilation. It replenishes the reserves of glycogen in order to promote a quick recovery.

    Waxy Max from 4Pro Nutrition builds up your strength quickly and speeds up your recovery. Buy this supplement now!

    Waxy Max from 4Pro Nutrition is a concentrated supplement of high-quality corn amylopectin. It is an advanced carbohydrate, perfect for recover in short time the consumption of calories and glycogen of the muscle tissues.

    This corn starch by-product is the most complete alternative for high-performance sportsmen. It can also be consumed by people who want to keep an optimum level of energy in the organism. Its consumption boosts the level of energy and also powers the endurance of the muscles. It has molecular dimensions smaller than other carbohydrates, which makes it better assimilated and the body receives its benefits without swelling or trouble in the stomach.

    When you practice an intense exercise routine, your carbohydrate reserves quickly decrease, which are the source of energy, as they produce the glycogen (the substance that powers the organism). And if they are not replenished immediately, your blocks of protein will begin to be broken down in order to produce much more strength. This is known as catabolism, and its result is a decrease of muscle volume, which is a result you do not want. Waxy Max from 4Pro Nutrition prevents this from happening as it replenishes the carbohydrates quickly, so that, you have much more power and achieve your sports goals. That's why, it is the supplement ideal for people practicing disciplines to that cause a great physical wear.

    It boosts your level of energy in no time, without having to increase the consumption of food whose benefits take time to appear because food is slowly digested. Waxy Max 4Pro Nutrition is is easily assimilated, and as a result, its benefits become noticeable in no time. If you want to increase your energy, this supplement will let you do that comfortably without putting on weight, and promoting a powerful increase of vitality. You can give your best effort during your training knowing that you will not run of energy and your endurance will stay high. By consuming this product, your muscles will have the level of glycogen required, which will prevent you from suffering any discomfort and unease that may shorten your exercise session.

    Facts of Waxy Max from 4Pro Nutrition 

    • High-quality amylopectin.
    • Quick increase of energy.
    • Easily assimilation.
    • Boosts endurance.
    • Speeds up recovery.

    Waxy Max from 4Pro Nutrition is the best alternative to quickly boost the level of energy during a very intense physical training. This high-quality corn amylopectin is a source of essential carbohydrates that is digested quickly by the body. It is a highly effective supplement perfect to increase the vitality, strength and the level of endurance in the training. Get a very effective recovery and reduce the level of fatigue during training. Intended for sportsmen who suffer a deep wear or for people who want to promote their daily vitality.

    Recommended use: dissolve two servings in juices or water. Take before, during and at the end of an exercise session.

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