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Rice meal from 4PRO Nutrition is a delicacy that can be added as an ingredient in large variety of meals, among its many virtues, its simplicity upon preparation and the large number of very good recipes that can be prepared make this flour a product highly demanded all over the world.

    Rice meal from 4PRO Nutrition is easy to prepare and has many uses in recipes.

    If you want to give a very delicious flavor to your recipes, this rice meal is the ideal product to achieve it, besides, you will be adding to your meals a 100% natural ingredient, which makes it a perfect food supplement for all your family. Additionally, your food will taste very good if you use this rice meal to it.

    As you might know, rice meal is the kind of flour made from ground rice grains, said grain may be white or brown. Its preparation is the simplest thing that exists, and it can be used in many recipes. This flour is ideal for people who have to eat gluten-free food. But if you want to benefit your skin, this flour is the best for that treat.

    If you want to contribute to solve intestinal problems, Rice meal from 4PRO Nutrition performs an excellent function to that purpose, and also helps to eradicate rheumatic conditions. Its rich flavor comes from the fact it is mostly made from brown rice.

    It has been shown that this flour gains popularity every day due to its great versatility, which means that it can be included in various recipes in order to give them an excellent flavor. By eating important amounts of this excellent product, you take advantage of several nutritional properties. Do not overlook this product! Do not miss the opportunity of eating this delicious food!

    Rice flour is one of the most eaten foods worldwide, it is so for its easy cultivation and its nutritional balance. Besides, this flour can be used to prepare cookies, biscuits, hash, bread, crepes, pizza, tortillas and many more recipes that you deem suitable for the enjoyment the whole family. This product is ideal to be used in those social occasions in which you want to offer your guests some delicious dishes with that incredible flavor that only this rice meal can bring.

    Facts of Rice meal from 4PRO Nutrition

    • Contains important substances such as carbohydrates, which usually provide some 350 kcal per 100 grams, and a minimum amount of fat (1,8/100 grams).
    • Rice meal can also contribute excellent quality vegetable protein, fiber, although in small quantities, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron.
    • Regarding vitamins, stand out, those of the B complex and vitamin D.
    • Does not contain gluten and is low in sodium.

    It is highly recommended to acquire this rice meal in order to get its amazing benefits from the very first use, you will go discovering the myriad of good uses you can give this excellent product in your kitchen as you prepare your favorite recipes.

    Recommended use: the rice meal can be used to give consistency to many of your recipes. Add a portion to taste of this product in the preparation of your favorite recipes.

    Questions and answers
    Es 100% libre de leche?
    2020-01-05 13:40:46 Eric
    Hola Eric! En alergenos viene indicado que puede contener trazas. Un saludo!
    2020-01-07 10:39:37 Joel
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    podrían poner los ingredientes (edulcorantes,saborizantes...etc) de los sabores
    2019-02-03 21:28:08 Ruben Manuel PEREZ-ROSAS CARRILLO
    Hola Rubén. Te facilito la información nutricional del producto hasta que este en la web. ingredientes: Harina de arroz, aroma, cloruro de sodio, sucralosa. Valor nutricional por 100gr: Energía: 344.70 kcal Grasas: 1,00gr Saturadas: 0.30gr Hidratos de carbono: 75.80gr Azucares: 0.1gr Fibra alimentaria: 1.90gr Proteínas: 7.40gr Sal: 0.01gr Un saludo.
    2019-02-05 12:20:53 Joel
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