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L-Carnitine 40.000 Plus Liquid - 500 ml

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L-Carnitine 40.000 Plus Liquid from 4PRO Nutrition is a product intended for all those who wish to lose weight or tone up the body. This is a supplement made for the activation of metabolism, which promotes the burning of fats and their subsequent transformation into energy, that then can be used in the practice of exercises.

    L-Carnitine 40.000 Plus Liquid from 4PRO Nutrition, the one that makes fat disappears. So, it is time to be really smart and acquire the best product to lose that extra fat and look good every day. Begin today!

    This product is based on carnitine and allows the user to lose weight in a fast and efficient way. In addition, due to its incredible properties and the variety of patents used, you can obtain very good results in a very short time.

    This is a highly recommended product for anyone who wants to achieve a caloric deficit, which translates into weight loss. With this product, you can lose weight in an impressive way, which is powered by the amazing properties it has. This supplement achieves is the activation of the metabolism in order to get a more efficient fat burning, lose weight and converting body fat into muscle mass. In addition, because the product activates the metabolism, all the fat that is burned by physical exercise becomes energy for the body, which will undoubtedly improve the performance. The consumer will feel more active and as a result will have more strength.

    Other notable attribute of this product, it is the fact that it has supplementary proteins, such as amino acids, which also contribute energy to the body and help it to obtain more strength. This product has B vitamins, which are also remarkable, and vitamin C, which helps to its absorption. In addition, this supplement improves muscle recovery and tissue reconstruction, thus improving muscle growth and their strengthening. The formula of this supplement is really incredible and has used a large number of patents. All this makes it a product that the general public love. But there is more yet. This product is presented in liquid format, so it is not necessary to mix it with any other product to take it. Moreover, this format is easier for the body to digest, and therefore, it is better absorbed.

    4PRO Nutrition is widely recognized brand in the fitness market and trusted worldwide. Plus, the machinery and equipment used to make this product has no equal, with which its quality is completely guaranteed.

    Facts of L-Carnitine 40.000 Plus Liquid from 4PRO Nutrition.

    • Liquid format.
    • Vitamin B.
    • Vitamin C.
    • Amino acids.
    • Uses several patents.
    • Completely pure.

    This product is ideal for anyone who wants a quick change or improve their performance in the gym. They should know that there is no limit with L-Carnitine 40.000 Plus Liquid from 4PRO Nutrition, a product that makes of losing weight a really effective and easy process.

    Recommended use: it is strictly recommended the consumption of a 20-ml dose of L-Carnitine 40.000 Plus Liquid from 4PRO Nutrition before training, which is the measure of the doser.

    Questions and answers
    Hola tengo unas preguntas, terminado el bote de L-Carnitina tengo que hacer algún descanso de no tomar mas en semanas o meses? Podría consumir de inmediato otro bote sin hacer descanso? Tendría algún efecto secundario terminado este bote y empezar con otro? Lo tomo para realizar cardio... con la cinta y la bicicleta estática a una intensidad del 60% Saludos.
    2019-12-05 20:32:31 Ivan López López
    Hola l-carnitina la puede tomar siempre que quiera no hay problema y no tiene por que hacer periodos de descanso si no quiere. Un saludo
    2019-12-07 09:50:47 Beltran
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