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ISO Hydrolyzed Protein - 1,8 kg

ISO Hydrolyzed Protein from 4PRO Nutrition is a wonderful and powerful food supplement of the highest quality, made from whey hydrolyzed protein supplemented with glutamine peptides, BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and enriched with digestive enzymes for better absorption which enables you to achieve incredible results in your physical performance, taking you to a higher level in your workouts.

    ISO Hydrolyzed Protein from 4PRO Nutrition gives you all the power you need when training, guaranteeing great results.

    4PRO Nutrition has developed a new and extraordinary supplement with the best quality of natural ingredients on the market, specially made to provide you with a better performance in physical training, which, in turn, will help you achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently.

    ISO Hydrolyzed Protein from 4PRO Nutrition is a product based on whey hydrolyzed protein, also containing glutamine and BCAAs, a combination that makes it the ideal supplement for people who want to have greater strength and endurance at the time of doing their exercise routines. In addition, it supplies an energy value superior to any other product that you could find on the market.

    ISO Hydrolyzed Protein from 4PRO Nutrition is made from a fully hydrolyzed whey protein, which makes it easier to metabolize. This incredible protein is essential to provide your body with more power when doing exercise routines and help you build muscle mass in a faster way. This amazing product also contains glutamine, an amino acid that helps you recover your strength between sets in a shorter period of time. It also contains BCAAs, which are amino acids that contribute to the synthesis of proteins, thus improving the building of muscle mass and delaying the onset of fatigue.

    ISO Hydrolyzed Protein from 4PRO Nutrition has unique properties that you will not find in any other. It is ideal for high-strength athletes who want to obtain their results more efficiently. It is made of completely natural ingredients, without using chemical additives, which guarantees that you will ingest a supplement that is packed with properties healthy for the organism. Moreover, it is easy and quick to digest since it contains digestive enzymes that produce better absorption. It comes in 3 delicious flavors: chocolate, strawberry and cookies that you can definitely not miss.

    Facts of ISO Hydrolyzed Protein from 4PRO Nutrition:

    • Provides greater physical performance.
    • Helps build muscle mass.
    • Stimulates greater endurance and energy.
    • Delays exhaustion and fatigue.
    • Made of 100% natural ingredients.
    • Has a unique formula.
    • Ideal for sportsmen and high-strength athletes.
    • Characterized by rapid absorption.
    Specifications per dose (35 g):
    • Has an energy value of 125 kcal.
    • Contains 0.4 g of fat, of which 0.2 g is saturated fat.
    • Has 1.15 g of carbohydrates of which less than 0.4 g are sugars.
    • Has 29.4 g of protein.
    • Has less than 0.5 g of salt.

    If you are looking for a protein supplement that gives you the amount of energy you need to perform better in your physical training, then ISO Hydrolyzed Protein from 4 Pro Nutrition is the ideal supplement for you because it provides you with incredible power, which will help you achieve those results more quickly and efficiently.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, take 1 tablespoon (35 g) with 150-300 ml of water or your favorite drink.

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