Cluster Dextrin from 4PRO Nutrition is a supplement made of carbohydrates that is at the forefront in the world of sport nutrition. This is because Cluster Dextrin is made using an exclusive technology that redesigns the structure of starch to produce a carbohydrate of higher nutritional level. It is ideal for exercises of great intensity.

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4PRO Nutrition presents Cluster Dextrin, the nutritional supplement that provides you with easy assimilation energy, which is something you need to do better, both before and after training.

Cluster Dextrin from 4PRO Nutrition is the ideal energy source for a sport drink. Its high solubility and fast stomach emptying take it immediately to the small intestine to enter the bloodstream, while the blood sugar level remains stable and the continuous reduction of body fat is not stopped.

Cluster Dextrin is also known as Cyclic Dextrin. It is a carbohydrate highly regarded in the world of sport nutrition, and that's so because it is made using a very exclusive technology that redesigns the structure of starch to produce a high-quality carbohydrate with a high nutritional contribution.

The nutritional supplement Cluster Dextrin from 4PRO Nutrition contributes to the improvement nitrogen containment in your system. This is a versatile formula that can be used both before and after training, being good for muscle development, and so be able to endure trainings that require a lot of physical effort in a better way. Its components help effectively to progressively reduce the feeling of effort perceived and muscular pain.

Cluster Dextrin from 4PRO Nutrition contains a set of different dietary properties, among which may include a shorter time of stomach emptying, more solubility and a top-quality source of energy. That is, it is a carbohydrate your body absorbs and use in a more efficient way. Giving as final result an improvement on athletic and overall performance.

Facts of Cluster Dextrin from 4PRO Nutrition

  • The most powerful carbohydrate ever made.
  • Provides a high-quality source of energy in a very fast way.
  • Speeds up performance and glycogen load.
  • Has a high molecular weight and allows a fast transit through the stomach.
  • Has a short time of stomach emptying and high solubility.
  • Improvement in the athletic conditioning and overall performance.
  • Can be used before, during or after training.
  • Contributes to keep the state of hydration during and after exercise.
  • A high-quality raw material and a careful formula was used.

The supplement Cluster Dextrin from 4PRO Nutrition has been designed to be used by sportsmen or athletes seeking a drink to stay hydrated and be energetic during competitive events. It can perfectly be taken before, during and/or after exercising and replenish glycogen reserves. If you want to improve or do better in your training, then buy the top-notch supplement, Cluster Dextrin from 4PRO Nutrition.

Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, dissolve very fast. Mix of 25 g of Cluster Dextrin from 4PRO Nutrition with 250 ml of water, milk or your favorite drink, and take it before, during or after physical training. The daily recommended dose is 25 g.

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