Oat Flakes from 3XL Nutrition is a food product that can be categorized as a supplement for its functions and its high dose of simple carbohydrates without added sugars that present in its composition. In addition to having a low glycemic index also has the advantage of giving fiber to the body for its better functioning.

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    Oat Flakes from 3XL Nutrition, supplementing the body with fiber.

    The supplementation not only depends on some type of elements to help nutritionally the person who consumes it and in the case of Oat Flakes from 3XL Nutrition is taken as a product or food supplement that serves as a very valuable companion for the meals with its different advantages or could also be said with its varied components that make it ideal for daily consumption.

    This oatmeal contains a rich and excellent flavor that can have different versions of the same with different flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, oreo biscuit, cappuccino and meringue-styled milk. One important thing about this product is the instant it is since it does not take away any time from the consumer and its comfortable use makes it even more attractive for the purchase. When talking about oatmeal it must be commented that for benefit of your bowel movement is the most ideal product because of its essential component, which is oats, and that it has a high fiber content and thus knowing how powerful it can be as an advantage, is definitely recommended to help with constipation.

    Facts of Oat Flakes from 3XL Nutrition

    • The blend of this product is completely simple as it is instant and very easy to make that makes it beneficial for effective consumption.
    • Contributes to the person maintaining a controlled and balanced diet.
    • A source very rich in carbohydrates of low glycemic index besides having in its compound a high amount of protein for the consumption of the people.
    • Helps the maintenance of the person giving him options of consumption of another type of food beneficial to his health.
    • Promotes the restoration of fiber needs and intestinal health.
    • A product rich in vitamins and minerals that is recommended for people who have weight loss and anemia.
    • Helps to raise good cholesterol levels and minimizes bad cholesterol in a healthy and natural way.

    Oat Flakes from 3XL Nutrition can be observed that it is a supplement that contains an incredible level of advantages that only demonstrate in this way that the purchase will help our integral health if its consumption is daily and with an ideal and individualized complementary feeding. In addition, once this supplement is ingested the person may perceive a large decrease in the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases.

    Recommended use: mix the amount of the product to be prepared (about two tablespoons) with water, milk or yogurt and is consumed immediately.

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