The Eeaa (essential amino acids) supplement by 3XL comes in the form of 100 capsules. It provides the amino acids necessary to generate muscle fibers and also vitamin B6. Perfect for athletes and people who aspire to a certain level of hypertrophy. It saves work on muscle metabolism, because it no longer requires breaking down proteins from the diet.

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    Eeaa (essential amino acids) by 3XL, prime quality amino acids for proper athletic performance

    Eeaa (essential amino acids) by 3XL is a nutritional supplement, perfect for athletes and in presentation of one hundred capsules. The name of "essential amino acids" is applied to certain substances necessary to generate tissues and non-synthesizable by the human metabolism. Therefore, it is compulsory to consume them in the diet through proteins. In fact, our body breaks down the proteins we ingest to get these essential amino acids.

    This is the reason why those who exercise should consume this product; since in this way they obtain the essential amino acids to gain muscle mass. Thus, Eeaa (essential amino acids) by 3XL stimulates protein synthesis and catabolism of muscles. Therefore, if you lift weights or need to increase certain muscle groups such as biceps, deltoids, pectorals or any other, this supplement is perfect, because with it you supply the raw material used to make body muscles and fibers.

    The combination of proper nutrition and a rigorous exercise program is the key to gaining muscle development. Remember that muscles are composed of fibers in clusters, which in turn are subdivided into units called myofibers. With exercise, each muscle wears out and its fibers undergo microscopic breaks that the body repairs by adding more myofibers, thus generating the hypertrophia. It is important to know that these new myofibers are produced with the help of proteins, which in turn are generated thanks to the essential amino acids. It is worth saying that if the body performs a great amount of exercises, but without having essential amino acids, then it runs the risk of damage to the muscles, because these wear without having the substances that allow to repair the cracks in the fibers exposed to tension.

    Eeaa (essential amino acids) by 3XL Properties

    • Presentation in container of 100 capsules.
    • Includes essential amino acids like valine, lysine, histidine and many more.
    • 72% reference value of vitamin B6 per 4 capsules.
    • Total product weight: 60 grams.
    • Promotes regeneration of muscle tissue.
    • Ideal to catalyze hypertrophy in different muscle groups.
    • Increases body energy and strength.
    • Helps compensate a low-protein diet.

    Thanks to Eeaa (essential amino acids) by 3XL, you can obtain substances that allow the body to generate enough protein in order to create muscle growth. This helps not to consume food or possible problems of being overweight due to a diet overloaded with foods of animal origin. It is perfect for athletes of different athletic disciplines, especially those who need increased musculature, as for example weight lifters or wrestling practitioners.

    Recommended Use: The recommended dose is to take 4 capsules a day, 2 capsules on an empty stomach and the other pair before the training.

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