3XL Nutrition

The 3XL Nutrition brand is part of the prestigious Nutrytec group. Among its characteristics is the emphasis on attending to the segment of athletes who have a physical wear greater than normal, in addition to being quite experimental in the development of new formulas. Its catalog includes three product lines, these being: 3XL, 3XL Hers and Predator Nutrition. The first is the conventional, the second concerns the female segment and the last is the high end. Highly recommended brand.


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In the first instance, it must be clarified that 3XL Nutrition is a novel brand belonging to the group Nutrytec. It was launched in 2015, with its headquarters located in the town of Toledo, Spain. Its philosophy is to maintain a high commitment to sports and the excellence so far demonstrated. One of its characteristics is that it keeps up to date in the aspect of the experimentation, thus creating accessories specially designed for athletes with high wear in their activities. Likewise, these are products that have a special line, designed for vegans or people who are lactose intolerant.

When verifying the type of products that 3XL Nutrition produces, it is easy to realize that it goes for a great diversity. It is worth mentioning that their specialty is food supplements, which come in extremely striking packs and have a very complete description of both the description and the consumption indications on their labels. On the other hand, their offers are quite varied, that they have tried to catalog it to be able to identify it with greater facility.

A first comparison of its elaborations shows that it has three ranges of food supplements. These are: "3XL Nutrition" (the original line that gives the brand name), "3XL Hers" (which can be translated as 3XL for them, being a product designed to adapt to the metabolism of the female body) and we finally have the case of "Predator Nutrition" (considered the high-end range, with the best ingredients and raw materials for maximum use by athletes). In this way, it is possible to meet a wide range of sports needs, so the ideal supplement can be found for each type of person.

Each of the three lines offered - 3XL, 3XL Hers and Predator Nutrition - offers certain peculiarities that it is necessary to know. Therefore, we make a brief description of each of them to be able to recognize their properties and in which moments it is preferable to use them.

Starting with the 3XL range, it should be noted that it is the one with the most product types, up to a total of eleven varieties of supplements. They include: amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, joints, carbohydrates, pre-workouts, proteins, burners and others.

For its part, the line 3XL Hers is the one with the lowest quantity of products, being only 4 in total. It is necessary to remember that this one is designed for the female body, placing in its offer supplements related to proteins, burners, metabolism regulators and vitamins.

Finally, there are nine supplements that make up the item called Predator Nutrition. In this case, more pure and potent ingredients are used. Its products include: amino acids, carbohydrates, creatines, pre-workouts, proteins, recuperators, volumizers and another set of supplements that guarantee a powerful health and a remarkable physical development.